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Made In Abyss Episode 7

If Ozen’s words and the truth of the vessel that saved Rico’s life are to be believed, Rico is essentially a dead being brought back to life. As per Leader’s word- “Everything taken from the abyss returns to it one day“,  which explains why both Habo and Leader saw this day coming. Why they were willing to let a twelve year old Red whistle and a robot with unknown power or origin go on a journey that has no guarantee of safety. 

I was under the impression the title is named after Reg’s circumstances, but it might be referring to Rico or both of them.

Moving on, as predicted, Ozen isn’t quite the villainous entity she comes across as, there is something ominous about her though- maybe being a cave rider for fifty years does that to you. Her dislike for Rico(or maybe humanity in general) rivals her love for Lyza, leading her to preparing both Reg and Rico for the future that awaits them deeper in the abyss.

To top if of, Ozen has no qualms about lying through her teeth,  and maybe Rico’s journey isn’t for nothing- Lyza could really be alive. Ozen still hasn’t come clean about everything, her words suggested she had met Reg before- something apparent both Reg and Rico felt to take note of at the moment.

Ozen is the first serious adversary Rico and Reg faced, and if she was really out to kill them, they wouldn’t have stand a chance. This encounter made both Reg and Rico realize each other’s importance, and that maybe blindly descending into the abyss isn’t the best option.

We’re almost half way through, and I suspect this season is going to end in the training arc.


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Gamers! Episode 6- Game Over

The whole situation is frankly ridiculous. The entire mess could be resolved if the character would just talk to each other. This entire episode was a repetition of same round of misunderstanding that is the trademark of all the previous episodes.

Any other time I would be annoyed, but maybe because despite the character acting crazy, none of this has turned to huge melodrama where they seriously accuse each other, and are busy creating stupid plans behind each other’s back, I found myself laughing.

To sum up the episode: Misumi(that guy who visited game club with Amano and most of us have forgotten about) offers Tendou some much needed advice. Unfortunately at the wrong or right time depends on the next episode. On that note, rejecting someone ruthlessly is better than giving them false hope, so Tendou could actually be called kind on that front. Anyway, for once Tendou’s attempt at opening up isn’t spurred on by Amano, even if Misumi’s reason for his bout of kindness is Amano indeed.

Amano, on the other hand learns being kind goes a long way, even in dating games.


There is the classic standard of friendship misunderstanding, where Amano is trying to become friends with Tendou when she already considers him one and I’m not even going to try to explain what Uehara, Aguri and Chiaki are tying to accomplish.

The ending of this episode was another unexpected curve, something that left me more baffled than the ending of the first episode. If Amano and Tendou’s story is settled this early, I’ve no idea what the next six episodes could possibly focus on, considering there is practically nothing going on other than this.


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Elegant Youkai Apartment Episode 7 – We’re training now?

Compared to previous episodes, I would give this one props for being the funniest one. Things still continue to occur suddenly but at least this episode has some sort of connection from scene to scene.

The only explanation we get of Inaba opening a sealed book is his spiritual inclination, and of course Akine can’t let an opportunity like that pass by. What we are left with is an impromptu spiritual training which involves Inaba going into trance in between eating and sleeping. Regardless, maybe we will get something more solid once Inaba does manage to get a hold of his powers.


Inaba has this deep urge to tell his friend everything but apparently still can’t find his words, even after Hase has pretty much seen magical creatures pop out of a book and pretty much took things in stride.

For some reason, the show chose to make a cliffhanger out of it and create unreasonable suspense.

If this show would only focus on it’s wonderful cast of side characters instead of Inaba alone, the whole tone of the show could change drastically.


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Koi To Uso Episode 7

A lot of things happened this episode, yet it doesn’t seem to go anywhere in particular.

Ririna is the only person who talks sense(Nisaka too, but the show refuses to give him the screen time he deserves) and while she is confused on her feelings, at least she is willing to take a step back and analyse them instead of lashing out.

Misaki continues to waver between what she desires and what she thinks is the right course of action with no chance of coming to a conclusion anytime soon.

Yukari asks advice from the person who scared Yukari and made him make a move on Ririna. This person, whose name we’ve come to know as Motoi tells Yukari a story he heard and we all know story of someone else is always your own. What I don’t understand is if Motoi, who has went through a situation similar to Yukari knows what Yukari feels, why he egged Yukari on the other night in the first place?


I might be making assumptions and the anime could pull a grand twist where Yukari runs away with Nisaka, but I can’t shake off the feeling the end game is Yukari and Ririna indeed.

On that note, considering we’ve three candidates who are in love with Yukari at this point, what I really want to ask is why? The characters keep on listing everything pure and sweet about Yukari but from a viewer’s point of view, he is a dull, average protagonist who blushes at the drop of a hat with no decision making capability for the most part.

If three characters are in love with him, this anime better find a way to make audience love him too.



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Gamers! Episode 4 & 5

I keep expecting Amano to join the game club any moment now, and after five episodes in, it is no where near happening. It has shoved the club setup aside, which is a possible explanation for the stereotypical and distant character introduction we got of the class members. If so, what it is left with is Amano and the other characters daily interaction, which it making the best use of, though it is sort of cliche with it’s ideals on love.

Episode 4

Taking a break from the craziness that is Amano’s current life, this episode focuses on Tendou, the girl living the supposedly perfect high school life.

Tendou used to plan every moment of her life, even her interaction with her peers and while it looks perfect to outsiders and her, it is clear being Tendou Karen can be tiring. Her perfect life comes clashing down when Amano rejects her. If this episode was simply about Tendou turning into a mess of emotions because of her crush on Amano I wouldn’t have cared much, but the thing that really threw Tendou for a loop was her clash in ideologies with Amano.

She had this idea about gaming and Amano’s words made her question if she was right. Of course, the cure lies in the cause.

Tendou’s turning out to be an interesting character and from what I can tell, she appears on the manipulative side, something I hope is made good use of.


Episode 5

While Tendou has her life on verge of being sorted, Amano and his friends seem to fall deeper into confusion.

Instead of a game club, Uehara makes something of a gamer’s forum with Amano, Tendou and Chiaki, just so he could watch Amano’s love life blossom, only to dig a grave into his own love life. No one in this series bothers asking each other questions which has led to the mess of a grand proportion that I doubt has an scope of being solves anytime soon.

The biggest lesson’s Gamers! gave us until now is to not meddle in other’s business.

The thing is, every episode till now has this trend of Amano  sprouting some wise words and while I appreciate the message, it pretty much makes Amano the character who can do no wrong. Amano is the guy who always knows the right thing to say, and while it would be fit for a shounen anime, it looks kind of out of place for a situational comedy like Gamers!

Regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing how everything will be resolved in the end, that is with a bang or a slow untangling of problems.


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Made In abyss Episode 6- Seeker Camp

If this is what only the second layer has in store, I’m terrified of knowing the creatures and situations waiting in the deeper layers. I knew nothing too bad was going to happen, and yet there was this feeling of dread that worsened as the episode progressed.

Ozen, the Immovable, and the camp head of second layer,  and the woman who once saved Rico, is the closest we have to a villain Made in abyss till date. She comes of as creepy and her hatred for Rico is barely concealed, but I don’t believe she is one. At the same time, she knows more than she lets on.


We’re also introduced to Ozen’s apprentice, Marulk who  appears to be a girl at first glance and while Reg notices, Rico is entirely oblivious. In between, there were amusing moments where Rico, while only twelve year old and technically a child, is entirely oblivious to the fact that she is indeed a girl. Or maybe she doesn’t care? Reg, Rico and Marulk’s blooming friendship was a relief amidst the horror but it isn’t enough to distract one from the questions this episode left. And there are a lot of them.

Ozen spoke what most of us and everyone in the series had in mind, Lyza is probably dead. In this scenario, what would Rico’s journey to the netherworld be for? Would she reach her goal only to come up with nothing? If the map wasn’t made by Rico’s mother then who does it belong to? Who is the boy Ozen spoke about? If it was Reg wouldn’t she have recognized him immediately? Then, who is this other person?


And the most pressing issue of this episode, what is in Ozen’s chamber and what was that creature?

Made in abyss is a series made of unbelievable creatures that are not of this world, for Rico to encounter something that she doesn’t believe could be of this world, what could it possibly be?


There is this sad realization that we’re halfway through the series and clearly not every question is going to be answered this season. It might be too early to tell, but Made in abyss is an anime I would definitely want a second season of.

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Gamers! Episode 2 & 3

I’m not exactly a fan of the art and the storyline is mediocre, but damn if it isn’t a well executed one.

Episode 2

We get to see what Amano’s classmate’s thoughts on him, and I must say I’m glad it had more insight into why he is a loner. Rather than simply being thought of nerdy by his classmate, Amano spends his time immersed in games, failing to notice the world around, which leads to people think he doesn’t care enough. It’s happened to most of us, being judged from the distance and coming off uptight unintentionally.


Uehara Tasuku sees the old him in Amano and regards him with a mixture of pity and frustration. Amano appears happy with his life while Uehara worked hard to change into someone he can’t entirely identify with, and this opposite ideals is making way for somewhat of an interesting friendship.

The part where Tendou is stalking Amano is funny, especially when Tasuku notices the shenanigans taking place and constantly wonders what the hell is happening.

The opening song with the beeping bopping and clips of different game scenarios is so amazing!

Episode 3

The down and up side of becoming friends with someone who has good social skill is their constant nagging for you to toughen up. In this case, Tasuku wants to watch Amano  and Tendou’s story to play out, so he forces Amano to have conversation with Hoshinomori, the meek girl who is actually Amano’s online game partner though he isn’t aware of it.

The exchange goes as well as can be expected from two awkward people, but one single topic can help anyone hit it off with someone and that’s where games come in. Except if you find someone startlingly similar to you and yet have difference of opinion on certain important parts, it can be heart breaking. And so Hoshinori and Amano spend most of the episode fighting each other, while Tasuku is the man caught in the middle and Aguri has to suffer both a random boy and girl stealing her share of Tasuku’s non existent attention.

One thing I like about this anime is how it pretty much has all the generic characters, starting from Amano and Tendou to Hoshinomori Chiaki and makes them and the interaction between the characters funny and interesting, without making a parody out of them.

The show isn’t trying to break the tropes, it’s forming ways around them.

It’s just a lot of people misunderstanding each other’s intentions but it’s fun to wach anyway. Add to that, it’s third episode in and Amano isn’t anywhere near joining the club and I’m wondering if maybe, for a change he wouldn’t at all. I hope so, that would be something new and makes me wonder what other direction the story could go.




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Koi To Uso Episode 6

Ririna makes a friend Aioi Reina, someone who she didn’t meet though Yukari. It’s clear Ririna desires friend, but her little to no perception of how friendship works, and her honest nature makes her refuse the offered hand, and in turn helps gain respect of her new found friend. I have a hard time connecting with people who don’t have common interest, as is the case with Ririna, which makes this a friendship she would have to work on. This development would probably help Ririna grow as a person, and I’m interested in what Reina brings to the table.


Other than that, the rest of the episode was me wondering exactly what this show is trying to achieve. Japan’s pretty much under a dictator government that not only matches people up because they have a lot of free time on their hand but also makes sex education classes plus offers them free porn for couple who are going though problems in their relationship and locks teenager up in rooms in hope they might do the do.


Yukari worries their might be camera in their room and if their actually is- which a character suggests their isn’t- I’m certain their concern shouldn’t be about getting in trouble but wondering what sleazeball government they are living under.

Ririna is clearly developing feelings for Yukari but I couldn’t concentrate on that because I was busy being creeped out at the who situation in general. If I were to focus on the sudden namedropping of the title, the natural conclusion is the anime is ultimately about Yukari deciding on Misaki or Ririna, which probably would have worked better without the whole marriage thing in the equation.



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Elegant Youkai Apartment Episode 6- What’s Happening?

We’re introduced to another character, Furuhonya, a sort of antique bookseller whose namedropping of authors and books are indeed based on real life and while he didn’t have much role in the whole episode he did bring a magic book with him.


The seal of which is broken by Inaba unknowingly. Considering the arc is divided into two parts, we should get a proper explanation for it.

However, whatever the explanation is, it boggles me that Inaba is gifted with healing power and doing stuff like breaking seals. On top of that, Inaba and his friend got involved in a gang fight.

Situations like this makes a story about an apartment filled with Youkai more unrealistic than it already is. Regardless of how unrealistic or runaway a plot is, there should be some basis in reality, something to make it believable.

Elegant Youkai Apartment fails to do so and a large part of the fault lies in the direction. The transitions scenes and the setting is always too abrupt.



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Kino No Tabi: The Beautiful World Reboot- Maybe?

Kino’s No Tabi: The Beautiful World – The Animated series  has been set for October 2017 release.


For those who are unaware, Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World  is an episodic anime about Kino- a person with androgynous  appearance, who travels the world with a talking motor-bicycle name Hermes and refuses to stay at a place for more than three days. News of new TV adaptation came out in March.

I’ve been anticipating the release since news of it’s production came out. The original adaptation of Keiichi Sigsawa’s light novel  of the same name was released in spring of 2003, and is a show close to my heart. What I’m wondering if this is going to be an reboot of the original series or if the stories from the novel that weren’t adapted would be given a chance? Or maybe this would be a mixture of both?

The art appears to be brighter  than the original and while I think the previous art style suited the atmosphere of this world, I am looking forward to what this new adaptation is going to bring us.