Konohana Kitan Episode 7- Summer Festival, Of Course


As usual, the episode is parted into two bits, focusing on the two themes surrounding the Bon festival. One is of course, the afterlife and the other is the usual relationship drama. 

This is probably the first time I’m not that satisfied with the show. Konohana Kitan is usually good at hitting the right notes, even if they are things you have seen before. This time, however, the entire episode felt like an rehash of every summer festival episode I have seen till date, whether be its supernatural aspect or the suddenly high school level relationship drama stuff. 


I’m not sure what the point of the first half was, other than that maybe your kindness is ultimately repaid. Even then, there was zero lead to that, so it just felt like an unnecessary epilogue to a previous story. The second half, while pulled off a proper story, it just isn’t the kind of story I can be satisfied with. Ren finds out her previous bad memories aren’t as bad as she had made them out to be, and they throw in some character insecurities in between which is quickly forgotten to highlight cute moments. Well, I can forgive the show a mistake here and there. 



The Ancient Magus Bride Episode 7

After  a break the previous episode, Chise and Elias continues to investigate mysterious situation. Good for them, because while the happenings might not be working in their favour, my love for the show has increased ten folds. 

spring 2.png

I’m pleased with Chise actually learning magic and putting them to good use. There is something adorable about her interactions with magical creatures. Alice, by her own mouth draws points out the similarity in their relationships with their master and it got Chise to ponder over what she actually thinks of Elias. It was also quite interesting to see Chise and Elias acting like a proper team, depending and scheming with each other. I’m not sure what I feel about the troublemaker sorcerer. I usually like evil but charming characters but he is sort of too cheerful and his boyish character design doesn’t help. He looks like those character that pop up to cause disturbance but never accomplish anything in the long run. I hope I’m wrong about him, though. 


I don’t think I need to point out how awesome Elias’ transformation work. The camera angles, coupled with Alice’s inner monologue and of course, the visual quality. I do wonder if we’re going to actually see Elias lose control or if it’s just for show. 







Hello, so I just wanted tell you all, that is for anyone who cares to read my blog, I might slack on my episodic reviews for the next three weeks. I have semesters which involves five paper and two assignments and it’s giving me a headache because I distinctly remember  being a mass comm student but all I have been reading is marketing for the last couple of months and I hate commerce subjects, I thought I left that stuff back in school. I wanted to get good grades because a girls gotta be good at something, right?

Anyway, I just wanted to say I might not be around because I disappeared without saying anything last time and that was rude and I just felt guilty about that. 

Kino’s Journey Episode 7

I can’t believe I’m writing a post about Kino’s Journey and I have nothing good to say. The tone keeps on changing every other episode. For an episodic anime, there should be something that ties a series. However, this isn’t anything more than a group of disjointed fiction that may or may not have Kino. 


I think I was ticked off from the moment they started playing something like American spy film background music. All of a sudden, we have a corrupt country, an overpowered master and apprentice and a badly made comedy. I couldn’t take a single thing happening in the screen seriously. It was mildly amusing in a this can’t be real way. 


When the episode started with a look into Kino’s past, I admit I had my expectations set up high and that was my first mistake. It’s not that Kino’s master tale wasn’t interesting, or the show didn’t try to set up some themes, but that music and over the top portrayal didn’t help and my emotions were completely disconnected. 


Inuyashiki Episode 6- Precautionary tales

How do you make sure a proper villain is created? You remove the only thing tying him to this world. In Hiro Shishigami’s case, that is his mother. When the episode started, I was still convinced it was some sort of dream. No way they’re going to expose Hiro’s crime early, right?

The events progressed and I started to understand the base of the decision. Though I do wonder what was the evidence that made the authorities think it was a good idea to go after Hiro. That boy didn’t have any guns with him so even if someone saw him in the act, wouldn’t the cops usually dismiss it as a fairy tale?

1 - Copy.png

Hiro evades the cops and find himself taking advantage of a girl in class who believes the accusation against him are false. I’m not certain how much that girl is actually convinced of Hiro’s innocence or if she can’t bring herself to care. The next couple of days are spent with Hiro monitoring the internet and television channels while netizens and reporters harass his mother. Is Hiro a sociopath who found pleasure in killing animals as a child? Is it his mothers fault for not raising him correctly? Are both the parents at fault? Hiro’s mother should just die for raising a boy like that, right?

So she does and while it’s more Hiro’s fault for his mother’s decision, Hiro doesn’t think so. What begins is a tale of unjustified wrath. We starts with an unsuspecting Otaku. Now, I know Japan doesn’t see them in the most favorable light, but I’m pretty sure whatever these people are, they aren’t blithering idiots. If someone is capable of  hacking into your computer, casually have a video chat with you and have plenty of deaths to their name, they’re far more dangerous than you average high school kid. While the whole finger gun part through the computer isn’t something you would imagine in your wildest dreams, it makes zero sense for people to taunt a serial killer, even through the safety of a screen. 

Untitled - Copy.png

Meanwhile Inuyashiki is busy travelling to space and scaring astronauts going through their everyday boring life. Andou is being a help, but they need to upgrade their training if they want to be any match for Hiro. Inuyashiki’s children are still busy being teenagers, and boy, casually joking about your fathers’ death is a new kind of low. 

There are five episodes left and I want to see where they’re going with this. At the same time, those death scenes are taking a toll on me. What Inuyashiki painted is a bleak world, where people are unnecessarily cruel and fools, lightened only by moments of bonding between the main character and Andou. The show spent a lot of time exploring who Hiro is, but I don’t see the same effort in Inuyashiki’s character. All I know of him is he’s a sad old man with a strong sense of justice. 


Just Because Episode 5 & 6

Episode 5

Just Because continues to be extremely easy to relate to. Small moments like stopping and giggling at the guy your friend likes while he looks confused, if that isn’t high school, what is? Even Morikawa’s friend getting disgusted with Haruto for laughing freely, when he’s just trying to keep face. 


For the most, I didn’t mind the faults in animation, but it dwindled quite a bit this week. Still, the characters make up for whatever other problem the show faces. The fall out from new year means none of them know how to deal with each other anymore without getting embarrassed for their actions, so they don’t. 

Watching Haruto realise the adult life isn’t going to be too bad since he found the right crowd was nice. The characters are at a standstill in their interpersonal relationships of sorts and I can’t get myself to mind it at all.


Episode 6

Haruto is probably the liveliest character in the show. After living his fate to baseball for the second time on Eita’s insistence and roping Eita to deal with his own issues in the process, he managed to make some actual progress with Morikawa. Morikawa is right in the sense he came up to her out of nowhere and asked her out. She thought it was harsh but her reaction was normal to me. 

Her wondering if she had let go of something without giving it a chance is equally believable. Now, that those two have started on something like friendship, maybe they can get past the awkwardness that seem to prevail their relationship. 


Natsume doesn’t know what she wants herself. She isn’t able to tell if giving back that eraser was a declaration of intention or actually backing off for good, either way, it was a step forward for her. To me, it very much looks like Eita still has a chance. Komiya is in the same stage of confusion, where she has muddled her love for photography with whatever it is she has with Eita. 


You can say that is the essence of the story. Most of the characters don’t know what their relationship is with each other and where they stand, and feel the added pressure of the future, and while slow, that’s honestly amazing to watch. 




Black Clover Episode 7-Some People Need To Shut Up

This week felt like an improvement even though it wasn’t by much. The contrast between Asta and Yuno’s new home is stark. While Asta might not be living in absolute luxury, he has found people who are like him. For Yuno, his new home is going to be harder to fit in. I was pleased to see Yuno answer back a little. Frustratingly, his screen time is still barely thirty seconds. Still, any episode that has less Asta is good for me, and the focus is Noelle Silva this time. 

1 - Copy

The people from Asta’a hometown appeared for few minutes and somehow still managed to get on my nerves. Celebrating Yuno’s success, and assuming Asta isn’t going to pass isn’t anything new. They could show a little more enthusiasm after knowing Asta did pass. Especially the father, who became too flabbergasted to process anything. Even that brat of a little boy received the news more openly.  I’m told the father loves Asta and Yuno equally, but his parenting skills are certainly lacking. I think some part of me keeps watching this show because I just want all these judgmental people to eat their words. 


Noelle Silva, who belongs to a Royal family, joined the Black Bulls with Asta. At the beginning, I was sort of getting ready to tolerate another character who I assumed is going to continue with a horrible attitude for a long time, what with her aristocrat talk and treatment of others. However, it was merely a front to make up for her inability to control her powers and a family where she was subjected to hatred and neglect. Once she realised no one in the Black Bulls is going to judge her, her facade fell quickly.  I don’t know if the show plans to do more with her, if she’s going to grow more as a character, but at least for now, she has the potential to be interesting. 




Konohana Kitan Episode 6- In Full Bloom

We finally take a peak into the protagonist who has managed to capture the heart of Konohanatei attendees. Yuzu hasn’t always been the sweet, understanding person she is today. A fox who was taken in by Bikuni-sama, as Yuzu calls her, it took her some time to warm up to her new environment. Once she did, she feared she would be forced to let go.  Yuzu’s fears are tied in with a ghost girl who decided to haunt Konohantei one summer night. 


This girl committed suicide because she wasn’t wanted by anybody and she wondered if she became someone else, would people like her? She causes mayhem in the inn by taking forms of the attendees and it leads to some hilarious situation, but is ultimately saved by Yuzu’s memories and Yuzu’s easygoing personality. 

I once said Yuzu is very accepting of others, and from her memories, we can see Bikuni taught her not to make assumptions. When the ghost practically begs Yuzu for affection, Yuzu questions the girls own desire. Who does she like? Who is she even changing herself for? The message is obvious. We should stay true to ourselves and sometimes, how we don’t realise our own worth to others. 


I can say I enjoyed the episode a lot, especially the first half even if the second half dragged at times. The downside of Yuzu’s cute image is, when her pain does come to the light, I can’t take her seriously. I also would have liked if they had shed more light on the ghost girl’s thought process.


Juuni Taisen Episode 6- No Break In The Pattern

Review might contain spoilers. 

At this point, the only thing I want to watch is a death from the character points of view who survives. You know, instead of drowning in their own arrogance, I want to see a character behave smartly for once and actually put an end to their opponent. 

1 - Copy.png

Monkey, Sheep and the Horse both meet their fated death, because the order of Chinese Zodiac decided so. While I feel no sympathy for these characters, I do wonder what was the point of the Rat teaming up with Monkey, only to shrug off the whole thing. 

Untitled2 - Copy.png

You stupid teenager. 

I’m interested in the Rat’s power too. He gave the Horse a scare and so with his ghost like abilities, whatever they’re, I wonder what killing all entails. Since the show isn’t in any mood to break it’s habit, I can presume he’s going to be the last man standing. As for the Tiger, I do wonder what’s her story. You have to be a special kind to kill someone drunkenly. 


Really, what was the poison for?


Inuyashiki Episode 5-Story Of Someone Else

Inuyashiki gains his first ally because Andou is smart enough of a kid and willing to take a chance and shout for help randomly in his room. I’ll give Andou points for figuring things out through the internet and finding an effective way to contact Inuyashiki. For story purpose, Inuyashiki didn’t enter the house in a hurry even though he flew in and chose to ring the bell and ask through the intercom if the household is being robbed. If they were being robbed, they wouldn’t be able to answer, would they?

Anyway, Andou, after having a short and somewhat awkward chat with Inuyashiki, Andou is admittedly overwhelmed as he realises this is the hero he has been waiting for his whole life, the kind straight from a comic book. Inuyashiki says something in return, something that confirms the suspicion we’ve had all along. What if the only reason he’s saving people is because the alternative is admitting he isn’t human anymore? That he might as well be a monster, an weapon with a brain? Andou decides to help Inuyashiki anyway he can. As far he’s concerned, Inuyashiki is more human than anyone else. 

1 - Copy.png

Andou is the support Inuyashiki needs. He’s young and is infinitely curious about this stuff. He can easily help Inuyashiki figure out his powers. Sadly, he also treats Inuyashiki better than his own son and daughter. Actually, it’s funny how even the villain is a better son than Inuyashiki’s own. Speaking of which, the daughter is in the same class as Andou, which makes me wonder what would happen if Hiro figures out the connection. Would he attack her? Would he let her go because she’s a classmate? 

Let’s go have a look at the designated villain, shall we? Hiro continues to be a fairly complicated character. A child of a broken but happy home, his mother means the world to him. So, when her mother says she would die with Hiro rather than have a murder son, Hiro decides it’s time to stop. Except, police find their way to him the very next day of his resolve. 


I’m not certain about the last scene, if it’s a fluke or not. At one point, Hiro found himself bleeding, thought he has finally become human again and feels genuinely joyous, only to wake up in his previous state. Hiro clearly wants to go back to his old life and while enjoys the power, doesn’t like the lack of emotions. To feel those emotions, he went about the wrong way. It doesn’t absolve him of any crimes, and while the prospect of his mother finding out his sons deeds is heartbreaking, he needs to pay for it. Her mother never suspects it’s her own son, and no one ever does, but it’s commendable if she has the strength to follow through with what she said, though it’s impossible to kill Hiro now. 

The next episode should be interesting, granted the cops really are at the door and it’s not another dream. Is Hiro going to run, will he hurt the cops in the process or maybe he would actually listen to his mother?

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