Back To The Past (Yes, it’s Corny As It Sounds)

Anime came into my life at a very early age. No different from most kids in India, I would come back from school at 11 in the afternoon, and by 12 p.m. I would already be seating in front of the T.V. – reverently watching whatever was on at that time. Sometimes it was Shinchan,- definitely an anime but known as a cartoon- sometimes Nickelodeon. 

Pokémon was the first anime that truly stole my heart, but alas, even that was marketed as a cartoon back then. 

Ten year old and I stumbled upon Animax- a lesser known channel- and an epic fight scene in Yu Yu Hakusho. Not having much knowledge of this art from, I assumed it was for kids- more importantly it suited my tastes just fine. 

American cartoons are hard work, unfortunately most of them are mindless, targeting a demographic of kids aged from five to nine, with the general assumption children are mostly well- dumb. An well meaning advice to cartoon production companies out there- children aren’t  dumb,  but they will grow up to be if the content isn’t modified a little. 

Anyway, to not veer off track, Anime was refreshing because it didn’t feed children mindless junk. A lot of work has been put into content and characterisation and it showed. That isn’t to say Anime doesn’t provide uninteresting stuff,(of course it does, every medium in this world has it’s fair share of boring) but it tries. 

It took me a long time to figure out Anime isn’t mainly for kids and it targets a demographic from a toddler to fourty year old and more. It made sense- by then I have already watched a lot of things that weren’t in no way meant for kids. 
With the rapid succession of internet in our daily lives, I was introduced to another foray of the anime industry- the manga industry- after I became a teenager. 

Anime was lovely, but Manga? It was a treasure island. I would always prefer reading to watching, always. 

Flash forward  years later I was an avid yet,  closet Anime and Manga fan. 

A lot of people assume Anime to be children’s world, and in response I got teased for it every time I mentioned my interest to anyone. Bad enough to lose interest for a while. It’s hard to maintain your interest when you are constantly judged for it. 

I gained the courage  when other people mentioned Anime to it, people my age, and I realised, slowly but surely Anime is gaining the popularity it deserves. 

And now, this is me, expressing my love openly for this medium. I have learned not to care about an outsider’s opinion. I can like whatever I want and shame on you, if you judge me for it. 

I am dedicating this blog to my old love, reintroducing myself with some old and new anime’s, and I want to share this journey with you.

And before I go, I would like to point out, it’s okay to like whatever you do, and I don’t mean only anime. Even if you are thirty year old something and like watching cartoons, never let anyone else tell you are a kid or make fun of you for your preferences.


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