Daily Prompt: Mope

My words have left me.

I have heard about this phenomena, I’ve seen artist yammer about often enough but never understood the fatality of it until it stuck me one winter evening.

Nothing I wrote, nothing I created seem to make any sense.

I had the dreadful artist block.

First came denial, then came anger, and the finally, acceptance.

I spent my days moping and hoping against hope that my the will to write will come back to me.

Until, it was the very word mope which saved me and sparked my imagination with its dull, lazy existence.



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Juuni Kokuki Review


Underrated  is the word that comes to mind when one  Juuni Kokuki. Based on Onno Fuyumi’s light novel series of the same name. It starts off with Yoko Nakajima-a normal Japanese girl and eventually goes off to introduce more characters,  all of whom are linked to Yoko and the new world she suddenly found herself in. This is the tale of the twelve kingdoms and it’s inhabitant, their people and their misery and the kings who might save or bring their downfall.

The setting is an alternate dimension to Japan, where people live in the medieval times and speak a completely different language.  I loved the thought,  the details that has been put to build this new world.  The rules and people of this world are similar to ours, yet so very different, with new concepts. And guess what’s even more special there? Actual gendee equality.  That isn’t to say this world isn’t without prejudice,  living on their own version of racism and casteism. Supernatural stuff are pretty strong here, especially with various beasts roaming the streets.  I can’t really explain it without giving spoilers away, but the setting alone is enough to make for a interesting journey.

And this setting is supported by  a stronger cast of characters.


The main lead, Yoko Nakajima, might be one of the absolutely irritating person you will ever come across at first, and yet, as the series progresses and she grows through various inner and outer conflicts, learning to distrust and trust all over again,  and ultimately, we are presented with one of the best character development arc in anime in a while.

I grew to hate Youko at the start,  echoing Youko’s own emotion of a failure towards herself and just like her, I had learned to appreciate this character by the end.

There are various other character who grow beautufully onscreen and off screen.

My only regret was one particular arc- the Taiki arc- where they showed only half of the story , and they might have been better off axing that then leaving it half finished.  Honestly, thsi series demands for a season 2.

The series may seem disorganised in the first episode,  but as the episode progresses  it all settles into an exciting pace.

The art style is pretty old, understandable considering it aired in the year 2005.

Overall, I loved Twelve Kingdom and if you are looking for something with action, supernatural and character drivenstory, Twelve Kingdom is the anime for you.



Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 2

Okay, the second epi is as random as the first.

It lacks any sense of direction or any true sense of thrill as the series is trying to portray. The comedic moments forced at best and hasn’t managed to make me laugh once.

As of now, Nakajima is a pretty straight forwards character, with a severe inferiority complex. On that note, his repetitive flashback to one awkward scene in the orphanage is getting irritating. I hope they find some other scenes to show his awkward past. Honestly, I was sympathetic  towards Nakajima at first, but this constant reminder of how pitiful he is, is making me apathetic.

This being a mystery genre, encourages me to keep hope for further episodes, and maybe, once they are done introducing all the characters, it will actually have some plot.

Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 1

Screenshot_20161223-234004.pngAs an avid fan of the supernatural genre, Bungou Stray Dogs had me at the description. A group people solving supernatural problems? A detective agency? What’s not to look forward to?
Damn! I still miss Ghost Hunt.

The first episode wasn’t anything mind blowing, but it was a nice setup to establish two main characters Atsushi Nakajima and Osamu Dazai. It had it’s random comedic moments which were a little out of the place and the solution to the first mystery was pretty predictable.

However, it managed to make me care for Nakajima. It also made me curious about the eccentric detective Dazai, who is shrouded in mystery and I suspect, the relation between Nakajima and Dazai is going to be an entertaining one.

Being one of Bones studios venture, the animation quality is as expected, especially action scenes are well done.

While I wouldn’t consider Bungou to be anything amazing, I’m going to continue watching it a little more to form a proper opinion.

3-gatsu no Lion episode 1-11 review(Contains Spoilers)



3-gatsu no Lion is everything I expected it would be and more. I would like to start with stating that nothing about this review is objective. I am a slice of life fan, and this show is a treat in that genre and I would like to explain why.

It basically follows Rei Kiryiama’s journey as he deals with being a talented, professional shogi player with no actual passion for it and his relationship with his foster family and a three recently acquainted new sisters.

I would like to start off with the animation. Shaft did  a wonderful job keeping Chica Umino’s style. The art style suits the overall all feel of the anime, hence its success in touching your heart.

A protagonist like Rei is someone we all anime fans are acquainted with. A nerdy, shy but sort of rude guy who is surrounded by crazy. His sad past isn’t all that new either. However, what’s good is the way it’s dealt with. His past unfolds in bits and pieces, tying up with his present.

Rei’s biggest regret fact he lied to his adoptive father that he liked Shogi all so he could stay with him after his own family’s accident. Thus, begins Rei’s struggle.

He doesn’t want to win in shogi but something inside him doesn’t let him  loose either. And in between this conflict is his adoptive sister, Kyouko- a woman whose every word drips with poison. A person who haunts his past and is willing to do anything to ruin his future.

Rei is pretty much sadness and melancholy embodied, and yet those perfectly timed comic moments manages to keep the balance and keeps the show from turning too heavy.

Rei is a realistic protagonist, someone most people can related to. We all know the feelings of- I am using Rei’s words- ‘being in a daze’. We’ve all dealt with ambitions that refuses to leave and yet an weird lethargy from actually pursuing it. We all know what it’s like to have no idea of the future, and yet doing our best to preserve, even if it means being selfish at times.

Honestly,   3-gatsu no Lion is amazing to me. Mostly, because it was something I could relate to, a protagonist I could really feel for.

I would give it an overall 9/10, based on the present episodes.



Top Five Shoujo Manga- My pick

Shoujo- A genre simultaneously linked with romance and teenage years.  While the association isn’t incorrect, it is a disservice to the genre if we claim it all to be. Shoujo Manga, if done right, has something a lot of Shounen Manga lack. It can offer you a realistic view of the world while letting you fantasize about a life you’ll probably never had or romances that aren’t real but entirely too sweet to not dedicate all your time to and get involved enough to write fanfiction about.

5. Dengeki Daisy


Motomi Kyousuke’s Dengeki Daisy, roughly translated as Electric Daisy, puts forward the story of an orphan Teru Kurebayashi, and her dead brother’s friend Daisy, whose existence she is aware of through the messages they exchange using her brother’s phone. She also makes an unlikely friend in the school Janitor, Tasuku Kurosaki. Of course they turn out to be the same person.

It sound pretty generic on this point, right? What makes the series great is its refusal to focus only on the romance aspect, and make the most out of the world of hacking and Teru’s journey on finding out the mystery behind her brother’s death.

4. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun


Sakura Chiyo tries confessing to her crush, Nozaki-kun, but he mistakes her as a fan! Reads the synopsis and it’s as simple as that.

It is expected of Tsubaki Izumi’s work to literally make you roll on the floor laughing, but what make Nozaki-kun stand out is it’s wonderful range of varied characters and the mangaka’s dedication to deconstructing every shoujo trope ever and pulling a funny spin on it.

3.Oresama Teacher


Another one of Tsubaki Izumi’s gems, Oresama Teacher presents the story of Kurosaki Mafuyu, a former delinquent and her attempt to leave delinquency and living a normal school girl life. Her plans fail when she meets Saeki Takaomi, her new school’s Homeroom teacher, and the reason behind her personality in the first place.

It’s funny, has a wide range of character, with each character having their own specific ideals and motives. Human’s aren’t black and white, they are grey and coulourful, and this manga believes it. There might be a romantic tag but it’s pretty much non existent, though there are some teacher student hint. Oh, and it’s a reverse harem. Aren’t they always wonderful? Hint Hint: Ouran Highschool Host Club.

2. Warau Kanoko-sama


Tsujita’s Rinko’s Warau Kanoko-sama chronicles loner Kanoko’s journey as she prefers to observe human behaviour and not get involved in the mix, owing to her father’s job that forces her to change school after a short while. And yet, the more she tries to stay away, the more she gets entangled in the mess and always makes one good friend in every school.
What makes the manga so special, is Kanako’s character. Sarcastic, witty and entirely oblivious, she is a fresh change from the usual shoujo heroine. Her theories on human behaviour is a treat and makes us question our ways.

1. Skip Beat


Kyouko Mogami lived solely for her childhood friend Shoutaro “Shou” Fuwa. She follows Shou to Tokyo so that he may realize his dream of becoming a famous singer. When his dream is realized, Kyouko overhears the truth behind his decision to bringing her with him: he was using her as a maid.
Shocked and enraged, Kyouko swears to take revenge by outdoing him in show business. 

The synopsis makes Skip Beat! appear like any other shoujo and at this point, I don’t think there’s anyone that hasn’t heard of Skip Beat!. It’s also got a lot of criticism fro being overrated. Sure, Skip Beat! might not be the best Shoujo out there, but it’s definitely not overrated. At the same time, Skip Beat! might not be for everyone. Especially for people looking for fast romance.

Kyouko is one of the most well rounded three dimensional shoujo heroine I’ve come across, with an equally well made male lead who isn’t a grump and is actually nice to the heroine. I would say, the space of the romance is pretty realistic and so is  Kyouko’s journey in the show biz. Skip Beat! also chooses to give equal importance to the supporting characters and their stories.

However, what really stands out for Skip Beat! is how efficiently it subverts every Shoujo trope without batting an eye.  Skip Beat! is a must read, especially for young woman.

After creating this list, I realised I’ve left out a lot of interesting shoujo Manga’s. Oh, well, better make a round two then.




Kyouko knew it from the moment she they met. Warning signs rang clearly in her ears that day even if she refused to acknowledge them.Her demons knew if their master had any hope of salvation, of keeping the one promise she made to herself, she needed to step away.

He was a mystical being.

The king of the fairy land, the man with magic in his hands and she was caught in the web he wove.

And if she let herself fall any further, no one would be there to catch her.

If only she knew Ren was the one trapped helplessly in the spell she didn’t she’d cast.

This is a short Skip Beat! fanfiction.

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Without you

My vision blurred as you disappeared behind the airport terminal.

There were so many things I wished to tell you.

I wanted to tell  you I love you. Even if I didn’t say it enough, even if my throat dried up everytime I so much as thought of uttering those words, I do and it’s not an exaggeration when I say with all my heart.

I liked it when you showed me affection, when you left that last piece of chocolate for me, when you wrapped me in a blanket. I liked it when  cascaded your hand through my hair even if I complained it hurts.

I wanted to tell you I will miss you.  I will miss your  laugh, your admonishments and most of all, our late night philosophical conversation.

I will miss everything about you.

And right now, my legs are urging me to run after you, but I know the security guards won’t let me chase after you and this isn’t a movie.

So, I think I will call you as soon as you reach your destination.

Because with you, there will always be something blank, mundane, missing in my life and you need to know that.

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Durarara!!! review

Ranked 22 on the popularity list, I had high hopes for this one. Suffice it to say, I wasn’t disappointed, and yet, it left something to be desired.

Durarara!! is set in Ikebukuro, one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in Japan. Always brimming with  violence,  it starts off with Mikado Ryuugamine’s introduction to this town.  A quiet, self conscious country pumpkin, he is both fascinated and horrified with this place.

Durarara!! lacks any particular plot you can put your finger on, focusing on specific small arcs. As the show progresses, you get the feeling it’s pretty much all the same story over and over again, only told with changing perspectives and a series of connected events. Some of the twists are predictable to say the least. However, it does a wonderful job of blending supernatural with the mundane

Plot isn’t clearly the main focus here, the characters are. And while Durarara!! does introduces a series of outstanding characters, if you look close enough most of them are archetypes.There is the evil but lovable  maniac, the jerk with a golden heart, the normal boy with a clever side, and bunch of more personalities that seems to smash in with one another.  It focuses on characters that no one really cares about and ignores the one that actually might have some story to tell and have scope for meaningful character development.

It’s the confusion whether to focus on the plot or the characters which leads to Durarara!!’s downfall.

The animation quality on the other hand, is quite upto the par, though it falters at times.

.Yet, there is something about Durarara!! that makes you sit through those twenty four episodes. Maybe it’s the ambience, the non linear way of storytelling, maybe it’s the music or the moments of clarity the show provides.

Overall, I would say Durarara!! is worth a watch.

Yes, it’s pretty generic at times and doesn’t live up to the hype, but overall it’s high on the entertainment factor and would especially appeal to an anime newbie.



Just a story



He was the victim.

She was a serial protestant.

She protested against rape, murder, soft drinks, junk food, herbal products love and life and anything and everything that could be protested against.

She hated life, she hated those big money sucking corporation and she only wished for the world to be a better place.

All her protests fail away when his lip touched hers.

She still protested. She will always stand up for what she believed in, but now it was with  hope in her eyes.

Okay, I know this isn’t that good. Actually, it’s horrible but I just wanted to try the daily prompt thing out.