Without you

My vision blurred as you disappeared behind the airport terminal.

There were so many things I wished to tell you.

I wanted to tell  you I love you. Even if I didn’t say it enough, even if my throat dried up everytime I so much as thought of uttering those words, I do and it’s not an exaggeration when I say with all my heart.

I liked it when you showed me affection, when you left that last piece of chocolate for me, when you wrapped me in a blanket. I liked it when  cascaded your hand through my hair even if I complained it hurts.

I wanted to tell you I will miss you.  I will miss your  laugh, your admonishments and most of all, our late night philosophical conversation.

I will miss everything about you.

And right now, my legs are urging me to run after you, but I know the security guards won’t let me chase after you and this isn’t a movie.

So, I think I will call you as soon as you reach your destination.

Because with you, there will always be something blank, mundane, missing in my life and you need to know that.

This is in response to  Daily Prompt: Missing


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