3-gatsu no Lion episode 1-11 review(Contains Spoilers)



3-gatsu no Lion is everything I expected it would be and more. I would like to start with stating that nothing about this review is objective. I am a slice of life fan, and this show is a treat in that genre and I would like to explain why.

It basically follows Rei Kiryiama’s journey as he deals with being a talented, professional shogi player with no actual passion for it and his relationship with his foster family and a three recently acquainted new sisters.

I would like to start off with the animation. Shaft did  a wonderful job keeping Chica Umino’s style. The art style suits the overall all feel of the anime, hence its success in touching your heart.

A protagonist like Rei is someone we all anime fans are acquainted with. A nerdy, shy but sort of rude guy who is surrounded by crazy. His sad past isn’t all that new either. However, what’s good is the way it’s dealt with. His past unfolds in bits and pieces, tying up with his present.

Rei’s biggest regret fact he lied to his adoptive father that he liked Shogi all so he could stay with him after his own family’s accident. Thus, begins Rei’s struggle.

He doesn’t want to win in shogi but something inside him doesn’t let him  loose either. And in between this conflict is his adoptive sister, Kyouko- a woman whose every word drips with poison. A person who haunts his past and is willing to do anything to ruin his future.

Rei is pretty much sadness and melancholy embodied, and yet those perfectly timed comic moments manages to keep the balance and keeps the show from turning too heavy.

Rei is a realistic protagonist, someone most people can related to. We all know the feelings of- I am using Rei’s words- ‘being in a daze’. We’ve all dealt with ambitions that refuses to leave and yet an weird lethargy from actually pursuing it. We all know what it’s like to have no idea of the future, and yet doing our best to preserve, even if it means being selfish at times.

Honestly,   3-gatsu no Lion is amazing to me. Mostly, because it was something I could relate to, a protagonist I could really feel for.

I would give it an overall 9/10, based on the present episodes.




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