Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 2

Okay, the second epi is as random as the first.

It lacks any sense of direction or any true sense of thrill as the series is trying to portray. The comedic moments forced at best and hasn’t managed to make me laugh once.

As of now, Nakajima is a pretty straight forwards character, with a severe inferiority complex. On that note, his repetitive flashback to one awkward scene in the orphanage is getting irritating. I hope they find some other scenes to show his awkward past. Honestly, I was sympathetic  towards Nakajima at first, but this constant reminder of how pitiful he is, is making me apathetic.

This being a mystery genre, encourages me to keep hope for further episodes, and maybe, once they are done introducing all the characters, it will actually have some plot.


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