Death Parade Review

An anime that’s been recommended to me over and over again, with the most prominent compliment being it’s dabble in the human psyche, I was excited to watch the supposedly mind games they brought on.

Let me start of with saying that the opening and ending theme is definitely good, something Madhouse has rarely failed to do.

As for the animation, I’ve never quite liked Madhouse’s animation style, though I must commend them for trying out different art forms and Death Parade in my opinion, was a huge improvement than it’s previous works. The only other time I remember being impressed by their animation was probably Mouryou No Hako -another venture in the supernatural and psychological genre by Madhouse.

Now as for the anime itself, Death Parade certainly managed to pique my curiousity. Created in an episodic format, Death parade deals with what happens after death at the time of one’s judgement. To decide a human’s fate, Arbiters are appointed to judge their conduct both in their lifetime and at a present game, in which it is implied they would die. A foolish idea, considering they are already dead, but most humans don’t have any recollection of their fate.

Death parade was every bit as fascinating as it promised to be, though it came with it’s own sets of fault and mistakes. The people who are there to be judged go through different emotions, fighting for a life already taken away from them. It makes you to know what happened to them, what made them this way, and as their memories come back, and some part of their personality changes for good.

If Death Parade stuck to it’s episodic stand alone format, it would probably have been one of the best shows and that’s where it went wrong. It tried to focus on the arbiter and the female main character- Kurokami no Onna- stuck in the Quindecim for reasons explained later in the series. Focusing on characters who are mainly explained as puppets  with no emotions doesn’t do any favour for a show in the psychological genre. However, the last episode does manage to make up for it a bit, though it does leave some loosed ends.

On a personal level, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Death Parade. It wasn’t what I had been made to believe but the whole ambiance and some great moments really do make up for its’ cracks. On the same note, creating an Anime based on an independent script can’t be that easy, so it deserves some kudos for that too. Though I do wish I could change the ending- it broke my damn heart. Oh well, that’s what fan fictions are for.

I would think Death Parade deserves a watch.


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