Kuzu no Honkai Episode 2 review

We are introduced to two new characters, Ebato Sanae or Ecchan and Kamomebota Noriko or Como, each of whom are respectively in love with with Hanabi and Mugi.

Kuzu no Honkai, it seems, is a story about unrequited love. It’s also the story about the ideal love of your dreams and the harsh reality of who they might really be.screenshot_20170120-144233

When I watched the first episode, I thought maturity seemed to be a big part of the characters, but are they really? Sure, they act and talk, and maybe feel too seriously for high school student, but are there actions aren’t of adults. This are lost people who keep on making the wrong decision  that would probably eventually lead to their own downward spiral.

The most refreshing thing about Kuzu no Honkai, however, is the male and female lead. For once, there are two characters who are absolutely aware of how horrible they really are and don’t try to make any excuses for it, or their weakness aren’t glorified in a way that makes they seem like the perfect human being. Hanabi’s attitude towards Como, and her refusal to let Como bully her in anyway, is a treat in it’s own. Hanabi isn’t a blubbering mess of a heroine, or simply on the offensive, she appears to be the offender instead.

Hanabi’s voice actor did a great job showing the nuances in her voice, the way they soften when it comes to her crush or the friendly relation with Mugi.

As of now, Kuzu no Honkai is definitely upto a great start.




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