No Game No life Review

Honestly, I don’t think I have enough words to express how much this anime disappointed me. I have only watched about six episodes and I don’t think I can sit through another 120 min of torture.

I have no complain on the art front. The colour scheme and visuals are certainly amazing, and Madhouse is certainly good with this stuff. On that note, I’m amazed Madhouse would undertake something this frilly. This was the studio that produced Death Note or Mouryou No Hako for Gods’ sake.

Sora- eighteen year old, and Shiro- eleven year old, are  two NEET siblings and online gamer duo who are  summoned by God name Tet of another world into his world of games. A magical place where everything is decided by playing games.

This kind of story isn’t new, where fantasy game world become reality, except in this case Sora and Shiro come here of their own will. The world building itself is pretty thorough which is one of the few redeeming qualities of this series.

No Game No life failed where it needed to succeed, character building and development. For a series that’s dependent on it’s character, and it has to be character because if there was any proper plot there-I definitely missed it-, it does an extremely poor job of creating any impact with them.

Sora and Shiro are supposedly two geniuses when it comes to games. And that’s it, that what I really gathered about them. The siblings are dependent on each other, Sora is basically a pervert, and Shiro is a white haired loli who despite claims by other characters otherwise, is used as fan service.  The main characters have no proper personality, or whatever they do is as cliche as it can be, and have no qualms about using others or shaming them- even though they are portrayed as hero. I don’t mind overpowered MC’s, infact I would take them over protagonist who almost die every other day, but an Anime that’s basically about mind games, needs an antagonist intelligent enough to give them some trouble, or else where is the battle of intellect in the first place?

As Jim Moriarty said in BBC Sherlock, “Every fairy tale needs a good old-fashioned villain.”

Besides this, it is said over and over again, Sora and Shiro hated their world, and becaome NEET’s because of it but what made them hate it in the first place? Why did they despise the world so? There doesn’t need to be flashbacks but there should at least be a little backstory and explanation for the way they are.

Another recurring character is Stephanie Dola- the kings granddaughter with a degree from university and political smartness but is still apparently a bimbo at the end of the day. Stephanie is as boring as a character could be and is used for nothing more than an mere tool for comic relief-which isn’t funny at all- and  fan service . Which brings me to another point, No Game No Life might be targeted at male teenage audience(I certainly can’t imagine an adult watching and enjoying it) but does Stephanie need to be degraded to the point she is?

Spoilers: At one point after wining a game, Sora and Shiro makes her become their pet dog for a day. So, she is stripped of all her consent, harassed in anyway Sora and Shiro pleases and made fun of.

I couldn’t get myself to enjoy the anime at all, and while it might be made exactly suited to a teenage male’s taste, I wouldn’t even recommend it for them because I certainly don’t want people learning to degrade others the way Sora and Shiro does.





5 thoughts on “No Game No life Review

  1. Only in Dreams. says:

    Good review. My tips would be, try and delve more into why it’s cliché, what makes the characters so flat and whether the universe that is set up is engaging or not despite the flat characters. Other than that, besides some grammar problems (sorry for being so picky), I think you captured it’s shortcomings pretty well.

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  2. Freaek says:

    This is a good review. Get the main points any series should have: characters, plot and production. I would only make some “format” changes like justify the text and making a difference between “Title reviewed” and the word “review” (for example, “No Game No Life” – Review). The points you focus on are the wants a viewer wants to read so its a very good review overall.


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