Kuzu No Honkai Episode 3-4

So, we go into the thick of things.

While Kuzu No Honaki does change its perspective from time to time, it is safe to say that the story is mainly from Hanabi’s point of view. Hanabi, who is human, Hanabi , who doesn’t understand. She, who is so in love with her teacher that she would do anything to forget it. Hanabi, who hates anyone who is a reflection of her pathetic side, and yet finds her pitiful self reflected in her best friend.


It is the same story of unrequited love all over again Ebato-Sanae or Ecchan.   A love Hanabi isn’t equipped to deal with. Her own love life and her relation with Mugi, is as messy as it can get, so it was expected when she went on to confront the one person who is responsible for all this. The person she hates the most right now-   a sort of mirror to her soul- Akane Minagawa.

This is where Scum’s Wish succeeds the most.  Akane Minagawa, the supposedly graceful female teacher who for all purpose appears to be the sweetest person to ever work this earth, a complete opposite of Hanabi on the exterior, turns out to be a- wait for it- sociopath.


At least, that’s the impression Akane gave me. Of course, there is always the chance that one day she would just turn out to be a misguided soul but right now, her evil side is delicious. Right now, this woman revels in the power over others and we could only watch and anticipate the day it would come back to bite her in the back.

Both Akane and Ecchan’s feelings are the sides of Hanabi she hates the most, and this episode gave her the push she needed to become someone else. Maybe she would really become a scum or maybe, she would metamorphosis into a better person, all we could do is watch.

Scum’s Wish is certainly at  the top of its game right now, and hopefully, this trend will continue.


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