ACCA – Episode 4&5

ACCA  continues to follow its slow pattern of throwing information here and there, keeping us guessing about something which is brewing underneath the peaceful front of the country.

Episode four detracts from episode three, going back to Jean’s original work of inspecting the departments. Nothing of note happens here, except a greater analysis into what peace really is for this country.

And then we have the latest, episode five. The story seems to have settled into a lighter format, content to let events unfold at its own pace. I love how amidst all the confusion, the characters are all concerned about food, always. That’s real life, right there.

Well, joke aside, I didn’t expect a confrontation between Jean and Nino this soon. It’s clear Jean does feel betrayed for a moment, and that Nino cares for Jean- his actions of stalking him kept aside. Their friendship is truly strong for Jean and Nino to just pick up where they left off.


Huh, so Nino isn’t following Jean only as an obligation to ACCA but he has his own separate motivation. Nino, also clearly believes Jean’s got no involvement in the coup d’teat.

This episode hit home the fact Jean, indeed, is a hard character to get a read on. Even as other characters continue to approve and disapprove Jean’s  position in the coup d’teat, the audience is still uncertain where he truly stands.

Personally, after this episode I don’t think  Jean and Glossular are the culprit. In Nino’s words, Jean is someone who gets caught up in things, though he does have some sort of role to play and something else he is involved in.


Jean Otus is clearly more smart and cunning than he appears and equally laid back, though his implicit trust on Nino seems to be the place where he is vulnerable.  For a character hard to understand, Nino is amazing at pushing the right buttons.

I love the voice actors for this anime, they always seem so on point. Jean’s slightly dazed persona is so well portrayed by his VA.

The anime is great on the comedy front too and Magie and his bread affection were funny, indeed. However, I did not see any particular point to the whole scene, except the fact there is something about where Lotta and Jean lives.

Here’s to hoping for another great episode form ACCA.



2 thoughts on “ACCA – Episode 4&5

  1. Karandi says:

    Jean and Nino are great in episode 5 and while I still want to know what Nino is up to, I love that Jean is happy just to wait until Nino is ready or able to fill him in. I also loved how Jean manipulated Nino into staying behind with Lotta at the end of the episode.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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