Kuzu No Honkai 5

When Kuzu No Honkai started, I found it absolutely fascinating. However, episode five seems to add nothing new.

Sure, we get Mugi’s perspective on his feelings for Akane, which, as predicted, is as self destructive as it can be. Mugi knows what kind of person Akane is, and for some reason, falls in love with her anyway. Strictly speaking, a calculating person and a bit lonely person like Akane is his type.

Hanabi and Mugi have perfected this dance, where they chase the person they love and when they can’t, they chase each other out of sheer loneliness, and even that seems to fall apart easily. It’s hard to tell Mugi and Hanabi’s complicated  relationship, the small peak of jealousy and fear, arises from  almost sleeping with each other or if they do possess some degree of romantic affection towards each other.They have developed this understanding, but like Hanabi said, either they are too close or too far apart.


Scum’s Wishes thrives on portraying how terrible it’s characters are, and while it is true, the constant reminder is  becoming redundant.

There isn’t anything else going on, except Narumi falling further into Akane’s trap. Narumi must be the only sincere character in the entire anime.

I hope Kuzu No Honkai comes back with a better episode next week.


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