ACCA Episode 6 & 7

While episode 6 seemed to be doing a merry go round, and in all honesty was basically about food, episode 7 is a bomb that was unexpected yet expected at the same time.

Episode 6 showed Jean Otus finally taking a step forwards and trying to play an active role. Be it because of his crush on General Mauve or his respect for Chief Glossular, he is starting to care.

On the other hand, episode 7 has Jean assessing the situation he is in. After weeks of dropping random information, Episode 7 finally disclosed the first part of the mystery and why Jean is so into the thick of things without even being willing. It also has Jean retain his relaxed nature even after the unusual revelation for most ordinary people and yet, care at the same time.

Episode 7 also sort of clued in on why Nino is keeping an eye on Jean and I can’t help but wonder- Is Nino involved in the Coup d’teat?



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