Fangirl Life Or My Slow Descent Into BTS Hell

The weird part of being a fan girl is, how quickly you can go from not knowing anything about a medium to obsessing over them, all in the span of a few hours.

One Wednesday night you watched Goblin, and thought it was amazing. It is by no means your first brush with K-Drama, but it strikes something in your heart a little more forcefully. You wonder about Goblin’s OST, and then you remember another part of South Korean culture, K-Pop.

Now, you know K-Pop, you have seen all the popular senior groups and you loved them, but never to that point.  A year ago, your friend also tried to introduce you to then currntly rising groups, and yes, you love it, you found your jamming anthem, and every once in a while you play those songs but you still aren’t quite there yet. So, you decide to check out your friend’s most love Boy Group, Bangtan Soneynodan, or BTS, their international name.


You go through the songs you already knew, Dope, Fire, and then you watch their latest “Blood, Sweat and Tears”, “Not Today”, “Spring Day”, and before you know it, you are going through all of their old songs, starting from their Debut album “2 Cool 4 Skool” to all the songs they ever released, “Lost”, “House of Cards” “Awake” “N.O.” to even songs they released before their debut. You love the music, but you love the lyrics even more. Here are a group of boys, trying to educate and relate with the world through their music. What makes it even more special is the knowledge that are involved in the process of producing, composing, and writing those lyrics.

Then you get this desire, you want to know more, you want to learn more. So, you watch their Bangtan Bombs- most of which are subbed thanks to some kind fans, and realize how funny, genuinely nice, sometimes awkward, sometimes incorrigible pranksters and dorky the boys are, and you just love them a little more. You find out their is this site called Vlive, where the boys Vlog on real time, and you find yourself there.

All of this happens in the span of three days, and when you come up for air from that place in the bed you have dug for yourself over the weekend, you are a newly awakened fan.

Two months ago, I was re-introduced to BTS, and I don’t see myself ever going back. BTS also encouraged me to try out more, both Boy Groups and Girl Groups, and immerse myself deeper into the K-Pop world.

It’s pretty akin to how I discovered anime years ago. There is no going back.




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