The Other Side of Fandom Life

Recently, I saw a Facebook post from an artist on why she was dead scared of fandom life. The comic depicts fire, destruction, fan girls fighting and someone flying around in a rope- something I found hilarious as hell.

As a voyeur of multi fandom, I can attest this to be true.

Fandom life is scary.

It sucks you in, makes you go through pages of fanfiction, makes you click reblog, retweet on a post faster than you thought possible.

It also makes you defensive.

What you say might be taken in a way completely unlike your original intention, people might come after you with virtual pitcforks, try to educate you on things in which they are the ones who need more knowledge on. Fandom has also made way for more cyber bullying then I can manage to keep track of.

But, fandom can also be a beautiful place. The joy of watching the trailer of the second season of an upcoming TV show? Who else are you gonna get it with? Of sharing stuff, and gushing about how excited you are? Where else can you get that?

Sometimes, you come across new things, get your mind broadened by people or learn to agree to disagree with them.

If you can find the safe, happy place in the fandom, that one corner where everyone is happy, and no one is engaging in fan war?

It is an amazing life.


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