Koe No Katachi- Review

While Koe No Katachi officially got an anime adaption last year, the manga has been around far longer. I remember getting multiple recommendation from various people, and never quite managed to touch it.

I’m not a fan of bullying stories, especially stories where bullies get off the hook or suddenly turn into good people- something the synopsis of the manga suggests.

To my utter relief, Koe No Katachi understands the importance of punishment and forgiveness. It doesn’t make a villain or a saint out of anyone. In fact, it goes as far as to suggest being  too good of a person isn’t a good idea, not if you are being insincere.

Koe No Katachi present the story of a deaf girl Nishimiya, and Ishida who bullied her in elementary school, and gets this idea to make amends  year later.

It tackles on a very sensitive subject and does a good job of it, though it might be lacking at some point. There is a huge amount of character growth especially with the main character Nishimiya and Ishida, though I felt Nishimiya, as a person wasn’t explored enough.

The side characters on the other hand, felt more like plot devices. It is clear something is going on with them, and they all have their individual troubles, but it’s never fully explored- disappointing but understandable since the whole series is compressed into a movie of two hours.

There are also multiple themes running throughout the series, starting with bullying, detachment, suicidal thoughts and even a bit of romance, but none of them get the chance to have proper focus on.

My only actual complain is the transition of scenes. It always felt as if some cuts are missing.

The animation quality and sound is extremely well done and pleasing.

Despite it’s shortcomings, Koe no Katachi is extremely well done, and one of the few anime out there that actually bothers making a point.

Anyway, the DVD is finally out so I hope you all enjoy.



2 thoughts on “Koe No Katachi- Review

    • Oishi says:

      Ah, I should check the manga out. I was scared of watching this, I remember reading a manga with a similar story line, except the bullying was completely overlooked and they put a romantic spin on it.


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