Youkai Apartment No Yuuga No Nichijou 2


Episode 2 starts with Inaba trying to settle in the new apartment, and getting bewildered and spooked at every turn.

We learned why the apartment is a middle ground between the two worlds, we are introduced to new characters and our protagonist seems to have psychic powers of his own.

The introduction of the characters is quite abrupt and since a lot of them are introduced, we still don’t know much about them other than their outwards appearance and speech. As the series progresses, we will probably have a better understanding.

For some reason I am quite excited about this anime, probably because I suspect good mixture of slice of life and character development.

Inada is a pretty average protagonist, true, however with the second episode, we’re introduced to more depth in his character. We get a short glimpse of his past self, which explains the  gloom that seems to follows him despite having a pretty upbeat personality.

This series seems to be doing something right, even if I don’t think it has explored its full potential yet.

Also, the some of the youkai’s are too cute.


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