Made In Abyss Episode 2

This anime is turning out to be exactly what I hoped it would be.

Reg becomes an excavator through Rico and her friends help, but not before it is established that he is  a relic himself and any discovery of his origin could lead to him being taken away and concealed from existence.

I like the way the show doesn’t dump all the information about this world at you, and uses the children to explain things, using Reg’s eye to learn in this case.

We also learn Rico’s mother’s name, and she is assumed to be dead when only her whistle returns. We get a better view into Rico’s head and how she deals with this situation. Rico’s admiration for her mother doesn’t stem from a child’s love, and more from hero worship.


It seems the “Leader” whose name we still don’t know, isn’t merely an accessory character and more of a guide in Rico’s life in absence of her parents.


It seems the high ranked excavators are treated as celebrities, almost as if they are on sell, something I didn’t like. It is also weird how a pregnant woman was told to dive deep into the abyss, when “the curse of the abyss” been established.

There are a lot of mysteries surrounding the abyss, Reg and Rico’s mother and , I’m guessing we’re going to go on an adventure soon.




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