Youkai Apartment- Episode 3


Screenshot_20170719-173740The episode takes a quick jump at a point where Inaba is already used to the quirky lifestyle. I appreciate the decision to not waste an incredible amount of time with the protagonist getting scared at everything, a smoother transition would have been nice.

The previously light episodes made me forget that Youkai Apartment in indeed about Youkai. No matter how much lighthearted the anime appears, darkness lurks just behind the gate of the protected household.


It introduces Kuri’s(a child youkai) trouble with his mother while delving into the protagonists’ own feeling for his parents. The abuse Kuri received isn’t explicitly shown, not the most important part, but the implication is scary nonetheless.


Inaba is shaping up to be a better main character, as we get a deeper look into his mind, though he is still a basic non powered anime protagonist at best.

I originally expected the anime to be a episodic but slow paced one, so it’s fast pace and abruptness is surprising.

This episode, however has grounded my interest for the future ones.





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