Made In Abyss- Departure(Episode 3)

The descent into the abyss begins.


On the whole, other than Rico and Reg entrusting their life to the abyss and each other nothing much happens.

This was an character dedicated episode, and an extremely emotional one. The best thing about Reg being an android is how human he is. Usually, robotic characters are presented as stoic, emotionless or people who have a hard time understanding emotions. Watching Reg express various range of emotions, having a clear hold of them more than Rico and the other kids, is a treat in itself.

Rico’s mothers letter doesn’t  explicitly states anything but the contents makes me suspect Reg hasn’t always been this way.


To sum up my feelings for this episode, it’s just me thinking adorable, cute and cooing at the characters. Both Rico and Nat are children, barely teenagers, and I can’t help but think they don’t know any better. Rico’s decision to jump into the abyss is as reckless as it can get. At the same time, they are children who have grown up in a harsh environment, and have clear resolve. It makes for a interesting relationship dynamic.

This episode shows various facets of the character, and cements our attachment towards them.





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