Youkai Apartment No Yuuga No Nichijou- This Side (Episode 4)

The first half of the episode starts with a schoolmate of Inaba creating a ruckus in the Youkai apartment for no reason other than the fact he can. A rebel without cause- something Inaba calls them out for. It’s a funny start, a look into the consequences of attacking an apartment where Youkai and thug like adults resides.


This is also the last big blast before Inaba can move out of the apartment and go back to his ordinary life. Except, once you have got a taste of the extraordinary, how many people would be satisfied with something normal?

To Inaba, after moving out, life seems boring, and he is reminded of the emptiness and detachment that he was used to before he met his previous housemates. While watching the episode, I felt Inaba needs to learn to connect with other people; even if he chooses to go back to the apartment and the supernatural world- which he probably will.


Since this was a episode about how much he misses them, I wish they would have gotten deeper into his attachment with them.

Inaba is still an average character, even if he is slowly shaping into a rounded person. The rest of the cast, on the other hand, are truly unique with their backstories and their reaction.

Ruriko’s backstory was as grim as Kuri’s, and even though we don’t even know how she looks, one can’t help but love her. The Youkai’s past are turning out to be way more scarier than I initially expected, a stark contrast to the anime’s cheerful tone, but it’s welcomed.


Totally random query, but why are Onmyouji always depicted as talk, dark, handsome people with silky hair?


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