Made In Abyss- The Edge(Episode 4)

Well, this was a slow episode compared to the previous ones, consisting more of warning and flashes of what’s about to come than any actual danger.

One of the best part and the opening was; Reg’s arm tangled in an intricate way to make a barrier while they sleep. Smart move. One of RiKo’s prominent characteristic is how cheerful she is, something that translates into hopelessly naive in some situations. Regardless, Riko might not be conventionally smart, but she has intuitive intelligence, which helps.

Can I say I really like “Leader’s” character? He probably had five minutes of screen time in all of the four episodes, but his presence and influence is clear in Riko.

Habo makes a short appearance, and for once, we got to see the skills of an advanced Whistle. He provides an warning for Riko’s next destination, and watches Riko set off, much alike a father.


We have reached the second layer in relatively short time, and the visuals are stunning. I mean I was sold on the art from the first episode. This one reminded me how ethereal the abyss is.  It feels like something out of a children’s comic book, only better.


I was curious about the studio, Kinema Citrus, as I wasn’t aware of their name. Apparently, they also produced Barakamon. Barakamon and Made In Abyss are completely different anime plot wise, but the overall approach makes a lot of sense with this revelation.

Made In Abyss also has an approach of making you feel like a part of the story, pulling you in instead of making you feel like a bystander.

Can’t wait to see the creatures and characters we’re going to encounter in the second layer.


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