Elegant Youkai Apartment Life-The grass is always greener on the other side(Episode 5)

This was hands down the best episode till date. For a episode, where nothing remotely supernatural occurred, it was rich in character development.


I mentioned last week’s Inaba’s inability to understand others, which was expanded on this episode. Firstly, I’m glad he didn’t pack his bag and leave his new resident solely on the fact he is miserable there. He made a choice to gain more experience, instead of simply cursing his surrounding.


A choice which was brought on by his encounter with Sato-san, another of the residents in Youkai Apartment. While Inaba yearned for the extraordinary, Sato found joy in the ordinary. This change in perspective helped Inaba more than anything else. Also-excuse me- I’m a sucker for stories involving Youkai who are in love with humanity, so I found Sato’s character especially likable.


This is what I originally signed up for; character development and warmth.


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