Elegant Youkai Apartment Episode 9

People in the Youkai apartment keep on appearing out of nowhere, at least, this person- Matsujiro, I think? I can’t remember his name– isn’t a permanent resident and more of a visitor from the village.

He is loud, boisterous, something of a kind giant and his role is used to emphasis on society and their inability to accept anything out of the norm. If I’m right, this topic should be connected with Inaba’s teacher, a mysterious figure whose existence provokes Inaba for unknown reasons.

There is scope for trouble and the opportunity to focus on supernatural matter with this topic, and I have high hopes for the next episode if they do it right.


Major part of the episode was spent recounting unnatural experiences between the residents and Hase(who has grown too used to the apartment and became a permanent fixture there), and while I wished it had delved into details with them, it is better than watching Inaba magically deal with incident while knowing nothing.




Gamers! Episode 7- And it continues

These characters’ ability to misunderstand a situation is on a whole new level. One episode ago, I said these misunderstanding could be resolved if they had a conversation, which was proven wrong because even when they outright say incriminating things to each other, all of them miss the point anyway. I don’t know if that makes the character too innocent or paranoid. It is amusing, yes, but it is starting to lose it’s novelty.

Well, at least Amano and Tendou managed to sort some part of it, and while their version of dating currently involves games(Who’s surprised?) and weirdly formal interaction because these two are awkwardest people alive, they are on the way to becoming friends at least.




Made In Abyss Episode 8- Survival Training And Goodbyes

We’re almost, almost at the end, and I’m attached to this series more than ever.

The training- which I wrongly assumed would go on for at least two episodes- was over in the blink of an eye, even if for Reg and Rico those ten days were like a lifetime.  Ten days isn’t obviously enough for two people to hone their individual skills and gain new skills. What ten days is good for is Reg and Rico learning to depend on each other and make the best of their skills combined. Reg’s athletic abilities and Rico’s deep knowledge of the abyss makes for a scary duo.


While Reg and Rico are busy tackling giant rhinoceros type creatures, Ozen is busy reminiscing the past. I didn’t think I would say this when she was first introduced, but I’m going to miss her. For a complex character with a rough, no nonsense attitude, Ozen could be summed up as delightfully straightforward, compelled by her promise to Lyza.

I’ve also come to love the bond Ozen and Lyza shared, something between best friends, and teacher and student. In Ozen’s memory, Lyza is much like Rico, a bright person whose wormed her way into Ozen’s heart. It’s fitting that the first proper view of Lyza’s face we get is through Ozen.


Lyza made a journey to the netherworld with the knowledge she may never came back, opting to wait for her daughter in the bottom instead. What concerning is, other than Lyza, another mysterious figure appear to be waiting.

On a side note, We learn Leader’s actual name is Jirua and that gives me peace for some reason.

Partings in this series is ridiculously emotional, be it Ozen and Lyza’s conversation before Lyza left for good, or Marulk’s words for Reg and Rico. Marulk’s presence has been sweet but almost non existent in the scheme of things, yet their attachment towards each other brought me to the tears nonetheless.

This was an emotionally packed episode, and I suspect we’re going to go right back in the middle of action, with the introduction of the third layer.

Koi To Uso Episode 8- What is Love?

The focus of this episode was Yukari’s relationship with Nisaka and Misaki, mostly Misaki. If we’re going to assess whose situation is worse, it’s a tough competition. The marriage partner system aside, Nisaka has little to no chance of Yukari returning his feelings. In Misaki’s case, they can’t be together despite her affection’s being requited. A Romeo and Juliet situation, similar to the drama they are holding in the cultural festival and the point of reference for the latest episode.


Unlike the other three main characters, we never get a glimpse into Nisaka’s thought process. A good thing, since he is open to interpretation and at the same time his actions make his  desires and reasons clearer than any other characters.

Nisaka’s dad is clearly an important person. No normal  dad jumps from a bridge, concluding either he has some special, needed appearance to make in the near future or he is a government worker with considerable influence.  There’s been previous hints of Nisaka having connection with government workers too, specially the one’s that are behind “Red fate of science” scheme. Currently, Nisaka and his father have an easy going relationship, evidenced by the effort to embarrass Nisaka in front of Yukari like all parents do, and asking Yukari to take care of his son.

Misaki’s insecurities, which have been simmering  under the surface for a long time, finally bursts out. It’s not only a matter of whether Yukari is willing to defy the system for her, the cause of her distress is whether she could ever compete with Yukari’s perfect match.


Yukari, for his part, is frustratingly obvious. I can understand not realizing Ririna and Nisaka’s feelings. Not getting a clue on Misaki’s feelings doesn’t make sense, at all, when the story began with them confessing their love to each other. Yukari daring to ask “What is Love?” is a reminder that for all his long speeches on love and the messed up system, he is the character with the least grasp on it.

In the end, the way the story unfolds lies in Yukari’s hand.


Elegant Youkai Apartment Episode 8- Bookmaster

The episode felt like a really long filler. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the episode, watching Hase interact with everyone is interesting in itself, but there wasn’t any particular clear objective other than that. I feel like if the episode had come at a later date, when Inaba had worried more over Hase’s feelings, if the whole thing had more built up, the episode would have been lovely.

It starts with Hase charming everyone at the apartment, human and Youkai alike, and unlike the vibes Hase gives of someone who is gung-ho about everything, he does have a mini freak about what he witnessed when he is alone with Inaba.  What’s notable is he soldiered on, all because his love for his friend paled in comparison to everything else. Honestly, I would like a friend like Hase, the length he is willing to go for Inaba is enviable.

Another part of the episode was Furuhonya showing off his own set off skills, – the ability to use a magic book like Inaba- and calling himself Bookmaster. It is expected, someone dealing in dangerous books is bound to know how to protect themselves.

I know the show isn’t going for a particularly horror feel- I doubt they know what they are going for- but if you’re going to introduce random supposed to be horrifying encounters, they need to appear at least a little dangerous.


Made In Abyss Episode 7

If Ozen’s words and the truth of the vessel that saved Rico’s life are to be believed, Rico is essentially a dead being brought back to life. As per Leader’s word- “Everything taken from the abyss returns to it one day“,  which explains why both Habo and Leader saw this day coming. Why they were willing to let a twelve year old Red whistle and a robot with unknown power or origin go on a journey that has no guarantee of safety. 

I was under the impression the title is named after Reg’s circumstances, but it might be referring to Rico or both of them.

Moving on, as predicted, Ozen isn’t quite the villainous entity she comes across as, there is something ominous about her though- maybe being a cave rider for fifty years does that to you. Her dislike for Rico(or maybe humanity in general) rivals her love for Lyza, leading her to preparing both Reg and Rico for the future that awaits them deeper in the abyss.

To top if of, Ozen has no qualms about lying through her teeth,  and maybe Rico’s journey isn’t for nothing- Lyza could really be alive. Ozen still hasn’t come clean about everything, her words suggested she had met Reg before- something apparent both Reg and Rico felt to take note of at the moment.

Ozen is the first serious adversary Rico and Reg faced, and if she was really out to kill them, they wouldn’t have stand a chance. This encounter made both Reg and Rico realize each other’s importance, and that maybe blindly descending into the abyss isn’t the best option.

We’re almost half way through, and I suspect this season is going to end in the training arc.


Gamers! Episode 6- Game Over

The whole situation is frankly ridiculous. The entire mess could be resolved if the character would just talk to each other. This entire episode was a repetition of same round of misunderstanding that is the trademark of all the previous episodes.

Any other time I would be annoyed, but maybe because despite the character acting crazy, none of this has turned to huge melodrama where they seriously accuse each other, and are busy creating stupid plans behind each other’s back, I found myself laughing.

To sum up the episode: Misumi(that guy who visited game club with Amano and most of us have forgotten about) offers Tendou some much needed advice. Unfortunately at the wrong or right time depends on the next episode. On that note, rejecting someone ruthlessly is better than giving them false hope, so Tendou could actually be called kind on that front. Anyway, for once Tendou’s attempt at opening up isn’t spurred on by Amano, even if Misumi’s reason for his bout of kindness is Amano indeed.

Amano, on the other hand learns being kind goes a long way, even in dating games.


There is the classic standard of friendship misunderstanding, where Amano is trying to become friends with Tendou when she already considers him one and I’m not even going to try to explain what Uehara, Aguri and Chiaki are tying to accomplish.

The ending of this episode was another unexpected curve, something that left me more baffled than the ending of the first episode. If Amano and Tendou’s story is settled this early, I’ve no idea what the next six episodes could possibly focus on, considering there is practically nothing going on other than this.


Elegant Youkai Apartment Episode 7 – We’re training now?

Compared to previous episodes, I would give this one props for being the funniest one. Things still continue to occur suddenly but at least this episode has some sort of connection from scene to scene.

The only explanation we get of Inaba opening a sealed book is his spiritual inclination, and of course Akine can’t let an opportunity like that pass by. What we are left with is an impromptu spiritual training which involves Inaba going into trance in between eating and sleeping. Regardless, maybe we will get something more solid once Inaba does manage to get a hold of his powers.


Inaba has this deep urge to tell his friend everything but apparently still can’t find his words, even after Hase has pretty much seen magical creatures pop out of a book and pretty much took things in stride.

For some reason, the show chose to make a cliffhanger out of it and create unreasonable suspense.

If this show would only focus on it’s wonderful cast of side characters instead of Inaba alone, the whole tone of the show could change drastically.


Koi To Uso Episode 7

A lot of things happened this episode, yet it doesn’t seem to go anywhere in particular.

Ririna is the only person who talks sense(Nisaka too, but the show refuses to give him the screen time he deserves) and while she is confused on her feelings, at least she is willing to take a step back and analyse them instead of lashing out.

Misaki continues to waver between what she desires and what she thinks is the right course of action with no chance of coming to a conclusion anytime soon.

Yukari asks advice from the person who scared Yukari and made him make a move on Ririna. This person, whose name we’ve come to know as Motoi tells Yukari a story he heard and we all know story of someone else is always your own. What I don’t understand is if Motoi, who has went through a situation similar to Yukari knows what Yukari feels, why he egged Yukari on the other night in the first place?


I might be making assumptions and the anime could pull a grand twist where Yukari runs away with Nisaka, but I can’t shake off the feeling the end game is Yukari and Ririna indeed.

On that note, considering we’ve three candidates who are in love with Yukari at this point, what I really want to ask is why? The characters keep on listing everything pure and sweet about Yukari but from a viewer’s point of view, he is a dull, average protagonist who blushes at the drop of a hat with no decision making capability for the most part.

If three characters are in love with him, this anime better find a way to make audience love him too.



Gamers! Episode 4 & 5

I keep expecting Amano to join the game club any moment now, and after five episodes in, it is no where near happening. It has shoved the club setup aside, which is a possible explanation for the stereotypical and distant character introduction we got of the class members. If so, what it is left with is Amano and the other characters daily interaction, which it making the best use of, though it is sort of cliche with it’s ideals on love.

Episode 4

Taking a break from the craziness that is Amano’s current life, this episode focuses on Tendou, the girl living the supposedly perfect high school life.

Tendou used to plan every moment of her life, even her interaction with her peers and while it looks perfect to outsiders and her, it is clear being Tendou Karen can be tiring. Her perfect life comes clashing down when Amano rejects her. If this episode was simply about Tendou turning into a mess of emotions because of her crush on Amano I wouldn’t have cared much, but the thing that really threw Tendou for a loop was her clash in ideologies with Amano.

She had this idea about gaming and Amano’s words made her question if she was right. Of course, the cure lies in the cause.

Tendou’s turning out to be an interesting character and from what I can tell, she appears on the manipulative side, something I hope is made good use of.


Episode 5

While Tendou has her life on verge of being sorted, Amano and his friends seem to fall deeper into confusion.

Instead of a game club, Uehara makes something of a gamer’s forum with Amano, Tendou and Chiaki, just so he could watch Amano’s love life blossom, only to dig a grave into his own love life. No one in this series bothers asking each other questions which has led to the mess of a grand proportion that I doubt has an scope of being solves anytime soon.

The biggest lesson’s Gamers! gave us until now is to not meddle in other’s business.

The thing is, every episode till now has this trend of Amano  sprouting some wise words and while I appreciate the message, it pretty much makes Amano the character who can do no wrong. Amano is the guy who always knows the right thing to say, and while it would be fit for a shounen anime, it looks kind of out of place for a situational comedy like Gamers!

Regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing how everything will be resolved in the end, that is with a bang or a slow untangling of problems.