Koi To Uso- Fanservice Much?(Episode 5)

At this point, I would like to say I care about any of the characters other than Ririna but I don’t. I’m not sure why I’m even watching this except there is a ridiculous lack of good anime this summer, and I’m bored.

Koi To Uso isn’t bad but it could have done so much better. It struck me that the same premise with an older, mature and slightly different cast would have been more suited.


Episode 5 of Love and Lies forces our four main character to go through a camping trip, and introduces the concept that maybe not accepting your proffered match could lead to complications. I’m not sure why the elaboration was necessary when the first episode stated loving someone else is forbidden. I was expecting a more severe punishment for not accepting your chosen partner, lessening your chances in getting accepted in school and colleges seem light.


Other than that, we saw the usual average high school things that happen in a camping trip.

We also got a more roundabout confirmation of  Nisaka’s feelings for Yukari. Yukari is an oblivious protagonist, which is acceptable, but can they not make him jump to illogical conclusions just because Niasaka and Misaki were seen talking to each other?


In some way, all the characters are stuck in a limbo, continuing the same actions over and over again.

The anime needs to tone down on it’s fanservice too. I see a lot of people comparing it to Kuzu No Honkai, but the characters were way more mature and their clothes didn’t randomly come off unless they wanted it to.


I’m going to stick around for one more episode before deciding whether this is actually going somewhere because for some weird reason I keep expecting it to improve.


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