Made in Abyss Episode 5- Birds And Explosions

What lies in the second layer of abyss?

Trees. Trees that point deeper into the abyss. Man eater birds with mimicking ability and an inverted forest.

The world building is a solid one, simple concepts, with a little changes here and there, and an art style that brings out the best out of a scene.  A lot of thing made in abyss do point at the abyss and it’s simple and mysterious as that.


I didn’t expect them to get in trouble so early in the episode, and while it was obvious they were going to be saved, it was a nice setup to bring out Reg’s abilities. Abilities  confirmed were indeed used to save Riko in the first episode, and named Incinerator by Rico, which are very Iron Man like?


Rico  experienced first hand repercussion of ascending the abyss. It seems Reg isn’t invincible either, though it is unclear whether the blackout was brought on by excess use of power or if he is indeed affected by the abyss at some level. Reg will regain his memories the deeper he goes, that much is obvious, but is his memory loss a result of ascending the abyss in the first place?

There were some shaky camera effect at one point which were timely used. A bit jarring for me, who always feels dizzy after those and thus hates them with a passion in any media.

I really do like the characters here, which are mainly Reg and Rico. They have a bond that is best described as cute, and I feel the show works so well because it is centered around children.

There is nothing better than experiencing adventure through a child’s eye.








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