Elegant Youkai Apartment Episode 6- What’s Happening?

We’re introduced to another character, Furuhonya, a sort of antique bookseller whose namedropping of authors and books are indeed based on real life and while he didn’t have much role in the whole episode he did bring a magic book with him.


The seal of which is broken by Inaba unknowingly. Considering the arc is divided into two parts, we should get a proper explanation for it.

However, whatever the explanation is, it boggles me that Inaba is gifted with healing power and doing stuff like breaking seals. On top of that, Inaba and his friend got involved in a gang fight.

Situations like this makes a story about an apartment filled with Youkai more unrealistic than it already is. Regardless of how unrealistic or runaway a plot is, there should be some basis in reality, something to make it believable.

Elegant Youkai Apartment fails to do so and a large part of the fault lies in the direction. The transitions scenes and the setting is always too abrupt.




3 thoughts on “Elegant Youkai Apartment Episode 6- What’s Happening?”

  1. This story really doesn’t have a focus at the moment. It really is just stuff happens to Inaba and we’re just expected to swallow each new development as it comes. It would be nice if I thought there was some overall explanation for it but to be honest it just seems like stuff happens because. I also have to wonder how many other ‘residents’ are going to ‘return’ from various trips just for the sake of introducing new characters.

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    1. Maybe this story would have worked a little better if Inaba at least had some substance to him but he is flat as his character design.
      This just made me want to re-watch Ghost Hunt today, and the anime wasn’t even as good as the manga.

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      1. This definitely reminds me of all the anime it is similar to but not as good as. It is a shame, but even without comparing it to similar and better shows, it just isn’t very good mostly because of the main character, though the overall the plot isn’t doing it any favours either at the moment.

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