Koi To Uso Episode 6

Ririna makes a friend Aioi Reina, someone who she didn’t meet though Yukari. It’s clear Ririna desires friend, but her little to no perception of how friendship works, and her honest nature makes her refuse the offered hand, and in turn helps gain respect of her new found friend. I have a hard time connecting with people who don’t have common interest, as is the case with Ririna, which makes this a friendship she would have to work on. This development would probably help Ririna grow as a person, and I’m interested in what Reina brings to the table.


Other than that, the rest of the episode was me wondering exactly what this show is trying to achieve. Japan’s pretty much under a dictator government that not only matches people up because they have a lot of free time on their hand but also makes sex education classes plus offers them free porn for couple who are going though problems in their relationship and locks teenager up in rooms in hope they might do the do.


Yukari worries their might be camera in their room and if their actually is- which a character suggests their isn’t- I’m certain their concern shouldn’t be about getting in trouble but wondering what sleazeball government they are living under.

Ririna is clearly developing feelings for Yukari but I couldn’t concentrate on that because I was busy being creeped out at the who situation in general. If I were to focus on the sudden namedropping of the title, the natural conclusion is the anime is ultimately about Yukari deciding on Misaki or Ririna, which probably would have worked better without the whole marriage thing in the equation.




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