Gamers! Episode 2 & 3

I’m not exactly a fan of the art and the storyline is mediocre, but damn if it isn’t a well executed one.

Episode 2

We get to see what Amano’s classmate’s thoughts on him, and I must say I’m glad it had more insight into why he is a loner. Rather than simply being thought of nerdy by his classmate, Amano spends his time immersed in games, failing to notice the world around, which leads to people think he doesn’t care enough. It’s happened to most of us, being judged from the distance and coming off uptight unintentionally.


Uehara Tasuku sees the old him in Amano and regards him with a mixture of pity and frustration. Amano appears happy with his life while Uehara worked hard to change into someone he can’t entirely identify with, and this opposite ideals is making way for somewhat of an interesting friendship.

The part where Tendou is stalking Amano is funny, especially when Tasuku notices the shenanigans taking place and constantly wonders what the hell is happening.

The opening song with the beeping bopping and clips of different game scenarios is so amazing!

Episode 3

The down and up side of becoming friends with someone who has good social skill is their constant nagging for you to toughen up. In this case, Tasuku wants to watch Amano  and Tendou’s story to play out, so he forces Amano to have conversation with Hoshinomori, the meek girl who is actually Amano’s online game partner though he isn’t aware of it.

The exchange goes as well as can be expected from two awkward people, but one single topic can help anyone hit it off with someone and that’s where games come in. Except if you find someone startlingly similar to you and yet have difference of opinion on certain important parts, it can be heart breaking. And so Hoshinori and Amano spend most of the episode fighting each other, while Tasuku is the man caught in the middle and Aguri has to suffer both a random boy and girl stealing her share of Tasuku’s non existent attention.

One thing I like about this anime is how it pretty much has all the generic characters, starting from Amano and Tendou to Hoshinomori Chiaki and makes them and the interaction between the characters funny and interesting, without making a parody out of them.

The show isn’t trying to break the tropes, it’s forming ways around them.

It’s just a lot of people misunderstanding each other’s intentions but it’s fun to wach anyway. Add to that, it’s third episode in and Amano isn’t anywhere near joining the club and I’m wondering if maybe, for a change he wouldn’t at all. I hope so, that would be something new and makes me wonder what other direction the story could go.





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