Made In abyss Episode 6- Seeker Camp

If this is what only the second layer has in store, I’m terrified of knowing the creatures and situations waiting in the deeper layers. I knew nothing too bad was going to happen, and yet there was this feeling of dread that worsened as the episode progressed.

Ozen, the Immovable, and the camp head of second layer,  and the woman who once saved Rico, is the closest we have to a villain Made in abyss till date. She comes of as creepy and her hatred for Rico is barely concealed, but I don’t believe she is one. At the same time, she knows more than she lets on.


We’re also introduced to Ozen’s apprentice, Marulk who  appears to be a girl at first glance and while Reg notices, Rico is entirely oblivious. In between, there were amusing moments where Rico, while only twelve year old and technically a child, is entirely oblivious to the fact that she is indeed a girl. Or maybe she doesn’t care? Reg, Rico and Marulk’s blooming friendship was a relief amidst the horror but it isn’t enough to distract one from the questions this episode left. And there are a lot of them.

Ozen spoke what most of us and everyone in the series had in mind, Lyza is probably dead. In this scenario, what would Rico’s journey to the netherworld be for? Would she reach her goal only to come up with nothing? If the map wasn’t made by Rico’s mother then who does it belong to? Who is the boy Ozen spoke about? If it was Reg wouldn’t she have recognized him immediately? Then, who is this other person?


And the most pressing issue of this episode, what is in Ozen’s chamber and what was that creature?

Made in abyss is a series made of unbelievable creatures that are not of this world, for Rico to encounter something that she doesn’t believe could be of this world, what could it possibly be?


There is this sad realization that we’re halfway through the series and clearly not every question is going to be answered this season. It might be too early to tell, but Made in abyss is an anime I would definitely want a second season of.


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