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Kokkoku Episode 1- It’s Something

Synopsis: It’s 6:59 forever…The members of the Yukawa family inherit Statis spell, the power to stop time.The members of the Yukawa family are able to enter the Stasis, a world where everything has stopped, when they use their power.One day, Juri’s nephew and brother get kidnapped. In order to rescue them, Grandpa uses Statis spell, but they get suddenly attacked by other people who are still able to move.

This is Geno Studio’s  first anime series and you can feel the palpable excitement in their work. It felt like they wanted to get on with the story, get to the good part but at the same time had this thought on their head they have to do everything right, which backfired in some ways. This first episode is still better than most of the show first week of winter has brought us. 

There were lot of things going on. At first, a huge part of the focus was on family drama that I almost forgot there was a scene of a woman mingling with some sort of demonic or spirit like entity- couldn’t tell. The protagonist, Juri, is an woman looking for a job and living among a family of no good adults who is  fed up with her life but is still soldering on and basically has an appropriate reaction to events. The father is completely forgettable. The brother, I get the feeling has some sort of role to play in the future. The Grandfather is an wise old man who is the root of everything apparently.


The  protagonist’s nephew and his brother is kidnapped when they are from a family that are on the poor side, seemed illogical until it turned out the focus wasn’t money in the first place. At first, they were doing a good job of portraying the panic at having a family member in trouble, but then sitting at the table and letting your Grandfather perform some sort of cult ritual ruined that. They could have afford to have been more freaked out at finding time has stopped moving and even then, you would think they would rush to the kidnapper’s location then calmly walking through the road and discussing human nature. 

The art is the standard anime art style these days, actually it was a bit too average for what I’m used to in Seinen genre. Juri’s character design is way too average which reminded me of those otome game protagonists. Good enough if this is a family drama but I can’t imagine Juri fighting and looking cool, even thought exactly that’s what the Opening theme suggests. 


The opening and ending themes compliments what the anime is trying to get at, that is if it wants to be known as an action packed anime. I enjoyed the opening theme, mainly because it reminded me of those old anime openings. 

The things about the show is, the first episode wasn’t enough to tell what the show is about. Is this about Juri and her adventures? Is this about some sort of fight between clans? Good v/s Evil? Or is it more of a family drama with supernatural problem in between? Is it all of it? The show has potential and I think I might actually end up sticking with this one(what’s with the terrible lack of good shows) but it’s hard to tell what I’m even signing up for. 





5 thoughts on “Kokkoku Episode 1- It’s Something”

  1. Ugh, every show that sounds cool, isn’t available for me: that is so annoying. The premise for this one sounds cool, and even though it has some flaws as you say, it does sound pretty interesting. Looking forward to reading more posts on this to see where this will go 😀

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