Tada Never Falls In Love Episode 2- More Characters And Photography Competition

The second episode feels absolutely different than the first one. The first one, had an old school romantic film vibe to it, while this one is your school drama come to life. Like I said in the previous post, if it’s school, things  get naturally hectic. Yet, I didn’t mind as much as I thought I would. It could be because new characters were introduced and the episode was spent figuring out the characters and dynamics between them. 


Teresa joining the photography club is as generic as it could get. This show isn’t even trying to pretend it’s not aiming for the conventional route. The photography competition was a great idea though and something I would love to do with my friends. What baffled me is the significant lack of interaction between Teresa and Tada. They’re close enough to use more friendlier honorific by the end of the episode, and they’re constantly together but you don’t see how they got to that point beyond light chatter here and there. There also the lack of absolute romantic interested in each other in both of them and I don’t see how this show is going to go anywhere if they don’t start now because this show is only twelve episodes. 

Untitled2 - Copy

In the end, I’m sort of curious on what direction it’s going to take but I’m not expecting this to turn into something really good. It’s the type of show you can mindlessly watch and enjoy without any commitment right now. 




3 thoughts on “Tada Never Falls In Love Episode 2- More Characters And Photography Competition”

  1. I totally agree. It is like the audience is just assuming Teresa and Tada have some kind of connection, but how they got it we’re just going to be left out of. That said, the photography competition was a lot more fun than anticipated. So yeah, not brilliant but fun enough to watch for now.

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