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Inuyashiki Episode 2- Emptiness and Hiro Shishigami

And we met the villain. A school student who by his own claim feels more emotions for fictional characters than anyone he doesn’t know in real life. You can call Hiro Shishigami exceptionally simple or complex, depending on the perspective. He would do anything for those he loves, and anything to those he doesn’t. 



We establish who Hiro is for the first half. He trots around town with his bullied friend, Andou, to encourage him to come to school and shows off his newfound power in the name of magic tricks. At some point, it becomes exponentially clear, Hiro might be the very slasher he jokingly accused his friend of being. No one orchestrates car accidents just to pleas his friend. Hiro appears genuinely hurt when Andou realises the extent of Hiro’s power, and asks if Hiro is capable of killing him. 


Then the horror show begins as Hiro decides on his next victim. When I say horror show, it’s truly one of the most horrifying scenes I have seen in an anime. It just became increasingly harder and harder to watch, and yet I couldn’t look away. The only thing that could have made this worse if Hiro had shot the little kid. Regardless, watching a tiny kid flailing about in a pool of his father’s blood doesn’t exactly make for a comfortable viewing experience. 

So, why does a boy with a happy family and friend goes around neighbourhood committing murder? Because he’s empty. Therein, lies his basic difference with Inuyashiki. If the only way Inuyashiki can feel human is helping people, the only way for Hiro to feel alive is to destroy them. He thinks if he watches people  tremble, beg and cry out of familial love, he would feel something. 


In the end, Inuyashiki arrives too late to save the family(because traffic jam troubles the best of them) but fast enough to meet Hiro. Now, that we’re finished with character introductions, I can only assume next week would be treat as two complete polar opposites come in contact with each other. 






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Juuni Taisen Episode 3- Reformed Villains, But Why? 

Review might contain spoilers. 

Switching perspectives, it’s the chicken’s turn to entertain us with her past and then, eventually kick the bucket. The chicken is a spectacularly skilled spy who is unable to tell the difference between friend and enemy after deceiving countless people. Until, she meets the monkey, and suddenly all her acquired skills are for naught. Her cynical self goes as far as to raise her weapon against the Ox, even while she knows her powered up self isn’t enough against him. 


I like the Ox on that note. He’s probably the only guy who isn’t prone to lying and decides his actions based on the situation. He’s also going after the monkey next, who I fear would die before her plan comes into fruition, whatever that plan is and if she doesn’t, everyone else will, so her plan is useless in either case. 

What I want to know is exactly what the monkey’s power is. The rooster experiences immediate change of mind after coming in contact with her(Nezumi or the Rat doesn’t look affected though) and judging from her previous conversation with the rat, she’s quite powerful. I wonder exactly what killing peacefully entails. 

I need this series to provided more information or at least to spice things up. Once you learn the pattern, it becomes kind of boring, though I still find the visuals enjoyable. 

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Konohana Kitan Episode 3- Perfection

This week focuses on the relationship between Ren and Natsume, and in turn, Ren’s relationship with Yuzu. Again, it’s all pretty pointless from a story perceptive but it’s the most adorable assortment of characters and their reactions.  


Similar to how Satsuki is with Yuzu, except Natsume is the caregiver in the relationship even if Ren doesn’t realise it. Ren finds it hard to express her feelings to Natsume. It’s even harder to deal with Yuzu, who takes kindness at face value and gets dazzled by Ren’s charming proper lady performance. What impressed me was, by the end of the episode, Ren grew a little. It wasn’t a one time thing where she expressed her feelings and shut down again. She grew better at dealing with her emotions, even if it’s just by a margin. 

There’s the short message about how no one is perfect but a people with personalities like Ren would continue to work harder, searching for that perfection and there is nothing wrong with that. That’s just a part of who you’re. 



I can’t believe it took me so long to get this, but this show definitely has some yuri undertones. It’s pretty prominent with how they depicted Ren and Natsume’s relationship. In the end, this show managed to put a smile on my face, especially after how distressed I was all day. 

Finally, something I can draw.

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Black Cover Episode 3-An Episode Of Nothing

Another episode where practically nothing happens, other than the fact Yuno and Asta finally depart for their intended Magic Knight(a rank lower than Wizard King and the stepping stone) entrance exam which is set in the royal capital. There’s some intention to establish hope for the underprivileged and the pain of departure, but it isn’t fleshed out enough for me to feel anything.


Asta manages to get a Grimoire,  fishes out a heavy sword from that very Grimoire and yet, everyone believes he doesn’t have any magic, a point which has me confused. Yes, he doesn’t know the usual how to make water out of thin air magic, but the fact he can produce a sword out of thin air, must mean he has some semblance of power? Also, I get that everyone in the church loves Asta regardless of whether he passes the exam or not, and they would be more than happy to have him back if he loses, but a little encouragement would be nice? Even if he has no way of passing? It’s done for comedic effect for the most part, but it left a bad taste in my mouth.


Another thing that bothers me, and something I should probably stop complaining about is Asta’s voice and character because it has no chance of improving any time soon. It’s like someone searched for every single annoying personality trait they could find and decided, yes, we have Asta. I might grow to like this story eventually, and all the other characters, but I can foresee Asta’s going to belong to the list of top ten anime characters I can’t stand. There are times when I’m almost, almost, taken by him before he starts shouting like crazy and I’m back to square one.

Now that we’re finished with a literally three episode long prologue , maybe, we’ll finally get to the actual action. Well, exams with new contestants and rules are rarely boring, and how Asta manages against people with his nascent power should be interesting to watch if done right.

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Children Of The Whales Episode 2 – Picture Perfect 

This review might contain spoilers. 

Lykos, Chakuro and Ouni visit a place in Lykos’ home, where they encounter Nous- a type of otherworldly being thay feeds on others emotions. They’re the one responsible for the supposed Apotheia of Lykos- whose name actually isn’t so, someone who buried all her companions by herself without shading a tear. However, the trio is quickly apprehended and taken back to the mud whale island.

 Ouni needs to loosen up, control his impulses and stop being an all around jerk(I like him, anyway. He reminds me of Kanda). 

The further Lykos stays away her island, the chances of emotions returning becomes greater, something she can’t afford to have. Except it isn’t easy to forsake emotions and she finds herself wishing well for the citizens of Mud Whale she didn’t previously care about. Except, it might be too late.  

In some ways, I knew this show was setting me up.  Random interactions between the characters as they ascend the hill to watch the locust swarm, or Sami’s pout at being called heavy by Chakuro, it’s all very endearing. A small town where everyone knows each other, they all have some semblance of affection for each other.  Something this picture perfect couldn’t last long, could it? 

I’m quite taken with how they executed this. It might be the oldest trick in the book, but it’s one that is bound to work. Set up a peaceful scenario, then destroy it when you least expect it. The fact it ended with character death doesn’t help. I  admit, I got teary eyed at Chakuro’s wordsat the end.  

Much of the episode focused on characters, a cast that is very likable, before they decidedto take it all away. Let’s hope I don’t turn into a sobbing mess next week? Or maybe that’s exactly what I should hope for?

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Recovery Of An MMO Junkie Episode 2

Moriko gets asked about her age by one of the guild members, and unable to come up with an answer, she latches on to the nearest excuse she can get, that is, she’s apparently a twenty one year old college going male. In between all this craziness, Moriko accidentally bumps into Yuta on her way to the convenience store, a fit that lands her in the hospital and creating an way for Yuta and Moriko to have a proper encounter and exchange numbers.  


I’m not sure what particularly appealed to me, except this show is incredibly cute and so is Moriko, the protagonist. A confused thirty something year old who’s as self conscious about her age as her current living conditions. Maybe that’s what’s appealing? Unlike the usual romcom situation, you can’t blame Moriko for wanting to hide her personal information or lying about it. From her nightmares, it’s clear the monotonous daily life of office has scarred her, enough for her to leave her office of her own accord. She can’t go back nor can she quite accept her position in society at the moment. 


Unlike the first episode, this was quite focused on character interactions, something I found satisfying. The game parts are incredibly boring and I’ll probably drop the show if that is all it chooses to focus on. However, the way this if going, if it actually focuses on Moriko’s insecurities and desires, I’m all in. 

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Just Because Episode 2- Oh well

You know how I said this is going to be just because? I was surprisingly on point.

Eita used to like Mio- probably still does- who in turn likes Haruto, who as we know from the previous week, likes Morikawa. The thing is, none of this is ever stated outright, but you get what’s going on from their expression and the general awkward behaviour among the cast.


Anyway, Haruto plans to confess to Morikawa, but chickens out at the last minute, instead asking her out on something like a date, except Mio and Eita are invited too. His chances of alone time with Morikawa looks even slimmer when Morikawa shows up with her brother, unaware it’s a date at all, or someone like Haruto could be interested in her.

It soon becomes clear, Mio and Eita share a complicated relationship. Eita, who refuses to say anything and Mio, who doesn’t know anything. Which actually makes their interactions fun to watch.


I like the atmosphere this show has set up and the music. What I don’t like is what little of we’ve got of Eita’s character. He’s one of those droopy eyed male leads who’s perceptive, and that’s all we know about him. I can literally predict every move he’s going to make.

It’s not enough to make me lose interest in the show, but a little more personality would be appreciated.  At the very least, make him a little more interested in his surrounding. He clearly wants to be in a different show, then again, maybe that’s the point.



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The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 2 – Encounters And More Encounters, And A Little Magic 

This week is about encounter of different kind, in between establishing the rules of magic and going deeper into Chise’s personal trauma and providing us a little peak at who Elias is. 


We’re introduced to Silky,- whose voice we aren’t special enough to hear yet- the overseer of all Elias’ household chores and the almost landlady with no expression. Despite her lack of visible enthusiasm, it’s clear she has taken a liking to Chise.

Elias’ takes Chise out to help her get more used to the concept of magic and make her familiar with acquaintances, a tour he dubs as their honeymoon. We meet Angelica, a magus articraftor and her familiar, Hugo, who have known Elias’s for a long time, as proved by Angelica beating and throwing Elias out after the stunt he pulled with buying Chise.

Angelica is a composed older woman who’s currently more helpful in showing the ropes of magic than Elias(well, Elias didn’t even try and for good reasons). She encourages Chise to try, something that backfires as Chise’s magic go out of hand, almost filling Angelica’s shop with crystal, before eventually being saved by Elias. From what I can tell, even among mages, Chise is something of a scary being, something entirely different. 

I’ve found, much like Chise, I’ve come to find Elias’ bluntness and rudeness to be charming, and if nothing else, he’a pretty funny guy, maybe a bit narcissistic. Elias is exactly what Chise needs right now, someone who isn’t fake sympathetic and has a matter of fact way of speaking. Combined with the fact Elias is clearly a good person, someone who wants to give Chise hope, even of his way of going about is dubious.  

We also meet Simon, the local priest with a somewhat complicated relationship with Elias, but at the end of the day he looks like a good person. We also go to know how Elias makes medicine for the people. 

Then, Elias decides it’s time to continue the honeymoon and takes her to a remote place filled with dragons, where one particular dragon kidnaps Chise due to Elias’ carelessness, so yes we end on a cliffhanger.  So, of course I’m watching next week.

This week pretty much helps set the stage, showing us what magic can do, the characters who I assume are eventually going to be important in Chise’s life and growth and also, throws us right in the middle od action and make her anticipate next week.  And this show is pretty much on point with its comedy, which is a lovely bonus. 

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Kino’s Journey Episode 2-Colosseum

Kino and Hermes arrive in a country she was told would be a prosperous place, but instead it turned out, visitors have to enter a tournament and fight each other to gain citizenship in that country, with or against their will. Things take an interesting turn from there on, as Kino becomes more proactive, burning from rage at the unfairness of it all, and amidst this, she meets Shizu, a fellow opponent with a talking dog, Riku. 


I remember the 2003 version of the Colosseum arc with absolute clarity, mainly because it’s one of my favourite story from the previous adaptation. I’d loved the way they setup the stage, a better look into Kino’s character, watching her fight after being severely underestimated. The arc had also taken its time, while not getting us intimately acquainted with the other characters, it had given us some clues into Kino’s opponents personality. Most of all, the visual cues the show provided, giving you the chance to guess Shizu’s situation before finally revealing it in the last conversation. 

Compared to that, this episode was rushed, and so had to cut up some things. Which is understandable, since they can’t adapt the exact way the original anime did or change things provided they anger the fanbase. The light novel, itself, doesn’t really leave room for changes either. It was a smart move really, because from what I understand, someone who hadn’t watched the original, would love this version(provided they like shows with this theme). Since, I, despite my complains, found it entertaining enough. 


I think Kino’s decision on how to end the tournament confused some people, and yes, watching the previous version, it would have made better sense. What can I say is, Kino is a complicated and not entirely morally upright character, and she can be vengeful. There were some other things in the mix too, but I can’t talk about that because this version chose to remove that. 

I loved the end conversation between Kino and Shizu, where Shizu mistakenly assumes Kino’s gender(this was in the previous version too but I saw it in English so I missed it), gets rectified by Riku and then  addresses Kino with san instead of kun. This is one of Kino’s journey’s strong point, you’re never outright told anything, you have to figure it out.


I’m somewhat torn about this episode. Which leads me to ask, are you a new audience? Did you like it? Or are you a old one, and were disappointed by the execution?

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Inuyashiki Episode 1- Crime Fighting Old Man with Emotional Baggage, What Else do you need?

Inuyashiki Ichirou, a fifty eight year old man who looks way older than his age- enough for his daughter to call him her grandfather in front of her friends- doesn’t have the best relationship with his family. His daughter and son either criticism or ignore him. I’m not sure you can call his wife horrible, since she just looks annoyed with him, which is normal for most married couple I think, but clearly Inuyashiki doesn’t feel that way. When he finds out he has cancer, he tries to tell his family but can never get the words out, mostly because he wonders if they even care.

The thing is, he’s an extremely quiet, soft spoken man. He dreams of speaking up or protesting when he feels something isn’t right, but doesn’t have the courage to do so.He swallows everything up, and of course, for people like that, the easiest way to deal with life is to be detached. The only time he shows genuine emotions is when he finds an abandoned dog, Hanako, someone who would love him freely. Then, some aliens on their way to intergalactic escapade, accidentally murder Inyuashiki and some other young man. Since, they were nice aliens who had no desire to destroy earth, they restore Inuyashiki and that other guys, and as a token of apology turn him into something of a robot. Yeah, that escalated quickly.


This is where things get really interesting. He discovers something isn’t right with his body, and starts experimenting. I would say he gets the hang off his newfound powers a little too easily, but that’s okay, being old doesn’t necessarily means you’re bad with technology. This scene was the highlight of the episode, something that was done just right. The CG bits were a tad disconcerting, but it isn’t that prominent. With the change in his mechanism, you can see the minuscule change in his attitude too. Slowly, but surely, with the addition of something interesting in his life, something that gave him power, he started to regain hang of the emotions that were leaving him.


I did find the group of teenagers roaming around the city attacking homeless people with fireworks a bit far fetched, because even if the world has comes to that, I’m sure they wouldn’t be able gather that big a gang for something like that well into the night.

I felt bad for this guy, and there were times when I was frustrated with his attitude, and really just wanted him to turn into the cool grandpa the PV promised us he would become. So, essentially, at some point I started rooting for him, and the first episode got me emotionally invested than any other premier this fall(March Comes In like a lion, you better come through) yet. What I’m saying is, I am looking forward to the next episode.