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Black Cover Episode 1- First Impression

Asta and Yuno are two orphans raised by the church in a world where magic is everything. Asta has aspirations of becoming the Magic King despite having no magical affinity and considers Yuno his rival.

Simple and shounen enough, right? 

It’s exactly as it sounds. There wasn’t particularly anything striking about the first episode, nor anything too bad. The visuals are average at best, though it’s a improvement from the usual stuff by Studio Pierrot (If you don’t count stuff like Letter Bee).  

We don’t get to know much about Yuno other than the fact he is stoic, strong and loves and respects Asta a lot, which leads him to ignore Asta in order to acknowledge Asta’s will. Huh, that sounds complicated. 
There is the usual stock standard side villain who is meant to anger the protagonist and reveal his hidden powers- a demon in this case. 

I only have one complain. Can protagonists for once in their life not screech like a monkey to get their point across? Every other word that came out of Asta’s mouth were loud, almost melodical screams and while partial fault lies in the inexperience of the voice actor, Asta himself isn’t exactly a likable character at the moment. However, I’ll give him credit for trying his best, enough to learn the physical aspect of fighting on his own, and not sitting around waiting for power to fall into his lap.

This is only the first episode, so I’ll wait and see if it will take a new direction or if the execution is capable of making old, routine lovable. 

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Made In Abyss Episode 13- The End And The Beginning

Made In Abyss can be said to be many things. Mainly, it’s a story about explorers. People who can’t sit still, people who are in search of something, albeit the main cast of the show are a little too young compared to other adventurers out there.

Nanachi isn’t an explorer(Reg, too). She isn’t out to unravel the mysteries of this world. She’s in search of something, something more solid and hers. That treasure turned out to be Mitty.


Reg and Mitty are similar in many aspects. Starting from being not quite human currently, to living for the sole purpose of protecting their friend. It makes me wonder what would happen to Reg if Riko were to go through Mitty’s fate. 

There are also parallel between Riko and Mitty. Cheerful, optimistic personalities with a  burning urge to reach the bottom of the abyss. This could be the reasons that Mitty and Riko’s soul connected- giving more ground to the theory that the soul that are lost in the abyss, eventually returns to it.

A premonition?

I’ve said this before, but when it comes to this show, the goodbyes are immensely painful. You don’t even realise if you’re attached to the character, if you even like them, and yet you find yourself sobbing.

Nanachi did her best, laboured away for Mitty so she could finally find peace. Then when she finally found an way, it wasn’t easy to say goodbye, despite preparing for a long time. Despite, losing her friend a long time ago.


On that note, Bondrewd is a pathetic excuse of  a human being who has truly lost his humanity, and probably deserves the same ending he subjected countless children through.

The later part of the episode was somewhat filler like, but it was nice after the emotional roller coaster. Nanachi joins the small gang, and if this show ever gets a sequel-something I don’t have much hope of- it would be interesting to explore the new dynamic.

With this, my favourite show this summer has officially come to an end, leaving with a hopeful note and fulfilling the promise of an wonderful ride it introduced in the first episode.

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Just a story



He was the victim.

She was a serial protestant.

She protested against rape, murder, soft drinks, junk food, herbal products love and life and anything and everything that could be protested against.

She hated life, she hated those big money sucking corporation and she only wished for the world to be a better place.

All her protests fail away when his lip touched hers.

She still protested. She will always stand up for what she believed in, but now it was with  hope in her eyes.

Okay, I know this isn’t that good. Actually, it’s horrible but I just wanted to try the daily prompt thing out.