The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 6- Men *Sighs*

At least three episode I saw this week involves men acting like they know best. Welcome to the club, Elias. He doesn’t understand humans, alright. Mister, you don’t forget to tell someone they could potentially die just because it doesn’t figure in your plans. 

We do get a look at who Elias is and his reasons for buying Chise, though it feels like there is something more to it than what he confessed. By Elias’ own words, it’s clear he can be cunning and manipulative. He’s like a child conducting science experiments with no heed to consequences of his action and his experiment is whether he can become human. Chise finds that endearing, of course, and so do I, even if I want to smack him. 

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Pick one. It’s creepy when it’s both. 

Again, an extremely beautiful episode, fairy magic visualized so well that even fairies themselves couldn’t take their eyes away from it. We meet the king and queen of fairies, and while both of them are observant characters, the king is a little wrong in the head(or pretends to be) and the queen, despite her scary initial appearance is nice. 

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Other than that, there isn’t much going on. Some speck of romantic progress, and of course, Elias has no idea how to identify those emotions and Chise is too busy being grateful to him. Elias is definitely livelier this episode, and it looks like they have come to a mutual understanding after the disclosure. 

This episode doesn’t have much going on. It mostly involves wrapping the previous one and character introductions. It was definitely fun to watch but felt a little disoriented.





Kino’s Journey Episode 6- Faith And Despair

This episode isn’t exactly about Kino’s Journey. In fact, she wasn’t even there until the end to see people reap what they saw. Admittedly painful to watch at times, the show made statements without forcing it onto you. 

We began with a young girl, a slave sold to a group of merchants, who have no qualms about treating her like an object. Except one single person, who appears to be a guard of sort, and even then, he isn’t exactly helping her. The concept in itself is hard hitting. Slavery is still real in some parts of the world and history has taught us people like this girl are treated worse, way worse than this. 


The worst part isn’t the cruelty, the worst part is the girl still wanted good for this people. She didn’t bear them any grudge because that’s what the priest, yes, the very priest who sold her taught her. It’s amazing how much people are willing to blind others and themselves in the name of religion. She found some silver lining in the priest’s act of selfishness. Makes you wonder if she was simply that pure of a person or she clung on to those belief because the alternative was a life of despair. 

The way the merchants were behaving, I was almost expecting Kino to jump out of nowhere and shoot them but death by poison is a fitting end. The son of the head of the merchants, a little boy says some horrible things he wants to do the girl before death is meted out to him. Again, was the boy always like this? Or is that the result of lifetime of wrong teaching?

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Something only a weakling would say. 

The girl figures out those herbs are poisonous but when she does tries to warn them, no words come out. She chooses to kill herself along with them, except the family wouldn’t let her eat her food in peace. The girl’s reasoning was simple, as she told the guard, she didn’t want to live her life as a murder. For people with a conscious, how many do? At the same time, how can you ever forgive those torturers easily? She wanted an easy way out rather than live with the guilt. While that girl didn’t get to, the guard did. Maybe he wasn’t that bad of a person, maybe he was doing what he was told, adjusting to the life fate handed to him. But what good is your kindness if you are willing to turn blind eye to the wrongdoings?

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The ending is ultimately an happy one. The girl finds a motorrad named Sou, who refuses to answer where his mouth is, and assured the girl those people would have dies anyway, because people like that never listen. Ultimately, we see her lead a happy life, finding a place to belong and even a name for her.

In some ways, it felt like I have seen this story before. It might as well have been a short story, with no need for Kino to appear at all. Regardless, it’s well done. One wrong move and it could have gone straight into unbearable territory. 



Hoozuki’s Coolheadedness Review- Unemployment Is Never An Issue In Hell

Synopsis: Hoozuki is the aide to the Great King Enma. Calm and super-sadistic, Hozuki tries to resolve the various problems in Hell, including a rampaging Momotaro and his companions. However, he also likes spending his free time on his hobbies, such as fawning over cute animals and raising ‘Goldfish Flowers.

Currently in the middle of second season, I thought this would be a good time to review this one.  Adapted from Egushi Natsumi’s manga of the same name, as the title suggests, it’s all about Hoozuki’s coolheadedness(Is that a word?) as he manages his employees and employer in the bureaucracy known as hell. It’s sort of like watching an office sitcom, only  the employees are being crushed under the pressure of coming up with effective torture method rather than paperwork. It doesn’t have a plot and the episode is divided into two parts. With no clear goal in mind, it focuses on  intricately setting up the layers of hell and the characters. 

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Comedy is entirely subjective, so I can only speak for myself here. I remember laughing out loud once or twice an episode, however, I did have a smile on my face. It’s mainly dry humour, a lot of reference, a matter of fact attitude towards life, death, violence and people judging each other. The show is pretty outspoken on what is considered crime and lying in your mortal life and duping people can lead to scary punishment in Hoozuki’s books.  Sometimes, the show can take a long time setting up a joke and the joke can ultimately fall flat. Yet, I couldn’t get myself to begrudge the show that because the journey to the joke can sometimes be entertaining. 

This is where Hoozuki No Reitetsu truly saves itself. The characters are all typical and yet, they have enough nuances to make them entertaining. One thing the comedy shows always get wrong is exaggerated characters who can get annoying fairly quick. At point no point did I find myself getting tired of the characters, even the most craziest of them never cross a line. Hoozuki is a brutally honest jerk who has fun torturing his boss and fat shaming that poor guy, but can be very sweet towards children and animals. Enma is the hard working but really just wants to be lazy boss who lives in fear of Hoozuki’s tyranny and  lets him get away with everything despite being  harsh with sinners when the circumstances call for it. I love Enma’s voice actors. He sounds like an old man that it’s enough to make you laugh by the tone alone. Hakutaku, Hoozuki’s life long rival and a heavenly beast from Chinese mythology, who sells medicine with a weakness for woman and despite being a resident of heaven, can be brattier than Hoozuki at times. The character interaction is the strongest point here. You can put any two character together and they can come up with new jokes and sides of each other. 

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On the other hand, I’m certain Hoozuki No Reitetsu is funnier to a Japanese person people who know the language. There are a lot of puns that went over my head, and you need a minimum idea of Japanese and Chinese mythology to grasp some situations. They do put explanation on screen, but it passes by fairly quick before you can read it so you have to either pause it or let it go. At the same time, while I knew some of the stories, there were some I was completely unaware of, and this series made me hunt those down. So, who knows, maybe you can use it for education purpose. 

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I have no complain with the arts. It meshes well with the folklore theme of the show and resembles a painting from children books. It’s not entirely unique but it’s not ordinary either. The opening isn’t to my liking, mainly because it’s one of those cutesy, childish ones but again, it’s suits the show. 

Do I recommend this show? I do. Only if you’re in the mood for something light, don’t feel like working you brain muscles, and wanted to know if you’re destined for hell with your list of crimes. 


Tag: Five Flaming Hotties Or People I Would Never Meet

Recently, I have been feeling like I’m over my head with all the seasonal reviews. Then there’s my upcoming exams, events in university and the guilt of two other posts I’ve been putting off. So, when Shadowcat99 tagged me, I wasted no time in writing down my crushes. What better way to waste time than writing about people who make your heart skip a beat?

On that note, check out  Shadowcat99’s list  My Five Flaming Hottie Hubbys: Tag because she has excellent taste. Thank you for the nomination! These things are always nice. 


The Rules (I’m copy pasting them)

  1. Mention the name of the blog you were tagged by, as well as the creators of this game Realweegiemidget Reviews and Thoughts All Sorts  to all blogs involved and including the picture above.
  2. List five of your greatest hotties from TV and/or film, i.e. crushes/objects of your affection, including musicians or sports stars too.
  3. Tell us how you were introduced to them and why you like them/what appeals.
    Add some appealing pictures.
  4. Tag seven bloggers for their Five Flaming Hotties.
  5. Post the rules.

I feel like this list is supposed to be about people I find attractive visually but I don’t have that many people I consider good looking so this list is a mixture of personality and looks. 

1.Shah Rukh Khan 

Let’s just say I worship this man. He made my childhood, filled me with ideas of romance that can’t ever be reality, and made particularly creepy characters irresistible. I’m not sure exactly when or at what point I became a huge fan, as far as I’m concerned, I’ve always liked him. He has this gaze, the one that feels like it can set you on fire, even through the camera. There’s this movie,Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, where he played this middle aged guy with moustache and no sense of self preservation whatsoever and at the end of the day, I was still in love. He’s extremely self aware, charming and one of the wittiest people out there. And he has dimples! If he wasn’t everything he is, all he had to do was smile and I would be sold. 


2.Ren Tsuruga from Skip Beat!

Probably the only fictional character on the list, he’s just beautiful. I can’t believe Nakamura Yoshiki drew him that good when her skills weren’t even polished. I’ve never felt much attraction for anime or manga characters, I love them but it’s never a soul consuming crush, except Ren. I think I’m in love with the way he’s in love with Kyouko. He’s also a clueless, too tall, dorky protagonist with anger issues and a manipulative streak. According to the mangaka, he’s the sexiest bachelor in Japan, and who am I to refute her claim?


3. Benedict Cumberbatch

First of all, poor guy. Spellcheck is convinced his surname is Cumberland. I can list so many things that makes him incredible. His voice, personality, self depreciating humour, again dimples! Dimples are all I need to sign my heart out to someone. Like most people, my obsession started with Sherlock. A mop of curly hair, intelligence(duh he’s Sherlock Holmes) and a complete inability to navigate social situations. Before I knew it, I had hunt down every project he appeared on and still continue to follow his works. Also, if you still don’t think he’s hot, here’s a picture of Doctor Strange for you. 


4.Fawad Khan 

The only guy in the list who’s just plain hot. Look at him, he might as well be a painting. Confession: I went to google to search for pictures of him and got sidetracked because, damn, this guy’s good looking from every angle. His super polite and generally shy nature is a bonus. I first saw him in this Pakistani Drama, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, where he played Zaroon, a rich boy later turned man with conservative outlook and insecurities. A character flawed in a way I can never approve of, and yet, Fawad Khan managed to make him appealing as a hero. He’s actually a singer turned actor from a band called Entity Paradigm, one of the pioneer of mainstream rock bands in Pakistan, so let’s just say his voice works in his favour too. 


5. Kim Seokjin From BTS

I can safely say all the seven member in this group are both hotties and cuties. Since I had to narrow it down, I’ll settle on Kim Seokjin. I’ll just say this, he trended on Korea as car door guy just for coming out of a car. This is also the most unexpected one on the list because hey, someone in my age group for once, but also because he makes Dad jokes and has the best laughter in the world. He’s the groups visual and vocalist and I first saw him on their music video Dope. Can you believe he was twenty two then? I thought he was seventeen. I shouldn’t need to mention this but I love his voice. 



1.Fueled by Smiling


3.Anime Vista





I have one reasons for this nominations, I’m curious! I wanted to tag some other people but I think they’ve already participated. 

Also, I’m extremely proud of myself for finally taking part in these chain things in time. 


Black Clover Episode 6- Getting A Bit Impatient Here

Asta found a place that’s somehow louder than him or that’s what it looked like until he opened his mouth. I’m sort of satisfied because at least people on the show acknowledged how loud he’s. Again, we’ve been introduced to a bunch of characters who are all good people(their words, not mine) and whose name I can’t remember except Magna Swing who feels like a Nishinoya(Haikyuu!) rip off. 


I’m not going to discuss anything about the mini fight between Asta and Magna. I felt a huge drop in my concentration so that should be enough to say it wasn’t anything special. That fight, however, managed to bring Asta’s non magical weapons’ ability to the light and as noted by Sukehiro, it looks like Asta might be another Dazai Osamu(Bungou Stray Dogs, not the author). Is that why he doesn’t have any magical ability? He has somehow nullified his own powers?


Yuno is a lot more polite than you would except of a guy with his character design and cold personality. He faced his first discrimination for being from the villages and all he answered was he would make the person reevaluate his opinion with no hint of anger or even indifference. I know I wouldn’t have been that understanding if someone came up to me with that attitude. Now, I might be mistaken, but I was promised this was Asta and Yuno’s story. All I see is Asta and one minute of Yuno though. 

If it isn’t clear yet, I am not impressed by the episode. It’s another set up one, and we’ve been setting things up since forever here. The episode reintroduced us to another character at the end,  who’s also supposed to be the third main character, and we might be finally starting a proper arc, so that’s good. 


The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 5- Still going strong

This show hit so many right note in this episode but the ending is definitely my favourite. I was almost ready to give up and bid goodbye to Molly, when Chise showed what Sleigh Beggys are made of. 


For Chise, regardless of Elias’ manipulation, whether he’s good or bad, Elias is her saviour. Just like Chise, I’m going to leave the topic of who Elias is for when she’s ready to face it. At the same time, it’s unhealthy to place so much blind value on someone. It shows she’s still where she was at the start, ready to hand over her life and will to someone else. The thought anyone else could be kind enough to even deal with her is enough to appease her. However, by actually doing something to help the couple and the cats, Chise has realised that she has something to offer to this world, her powers could indeed be a blessing and the fear of losing her new home and life has taken hold. 


Standing to expectation, Mina and Matthews tale was a particularly tragic one. For a generally kind person, of course they aren’t going to be in hold of their emotions if they spend all their time murdering cats but that wasn’t the worst part or the extend to which he was manipulated. I doubt there are worse things than being responsible for your loved ones death. I found that scene to be impressive, because I almost wanted to reach out and warn Mina myself. Tim turned out to be the previous king, why didn’t I see that? 

I wonder if we’re ever going to see that evil sorcerer again? From everyone’s reaction, I get the feeling Elias’ is way older than his skull head makes him look and so is other mages and sorcerers. Chances are he’s still alive. It would be interesting to see Chise’s reaction if she ever faces him. 

spring 2.png

Recovery Of An MMO Junkie Episode 5- Definitely Not A Triangle

Some part of me wants to revert to her teenage self and squeal at the adorableness of the relationships here. Yuta really just left logged off his game on the of chance it’s indeed Moriko waiting for a date that can’t show up. Well, not entirely chance, they all agreed it’s too much of a coincidence at play here. 

Convenience store guy is indeed Kanbe and well, like most people, his personality is a lot different in the real world. It’s what the core that matters, I guess. He’s a well meaning guy, and yes, he doesn’t have a crush on Moriko. Lilac has a friend that plays guy characters online too, and Lilac’s outrage at suggesting her friend could be considered weird should be enough to give Moriko a little more courage. 


Can I talk about how easy Moriko is to relate to? Converting real life costs into game items? Being completely clueless after holing herself up in her house for days? I personally feel like I don’t know how to function if I stay home for over a week. 

I could say this was the episode I enjoyed the most, yet. Even though actual progress happened only at the end of the episode, and that’s fast for an anime like this, everything was focused on real life events, which made the show much more enjoyable. Now that Moriko and Yuta had their second proper meeting, I’m looking forward to in which direction they take things. This show might have moments that aren’t good or boring, and it’s average, but when you consider the romantic comedy genre, this is definitely one of the mature ones. 


I actually had more I wanted to say but I feel a little out of it today(well, for over a week now). So, what did you think about the episode? Do you find Morioka as relatable as I do?

Konohana Kitan Episode 5- Creepy Dolls and Weavers

The show has indeed shifted focus on to the guest, though some guests have taken up permanent residence. They have this ongoing theme of connecting the attendees problems with their guests, which works well because you feel the personal touch. 

We have all come across a doll we’ve found incredibly creepy and  some of us have discarded it without a second thought. But what if those were  sentient beings who only wanted to be acknowledged? In comes Okiku, as Natsume jokingly names her, a Japanese doll who has grown bitter over time and haunts unsuspecting kids to extracts revenge. Deep down Okiku just wanted to be thought of as a beautiful doll worth keeping company. A place like Konohantei provides her that, surrounded by people who don’t care how she looks and Ren, who’s willing to give her a makeover because it’s your way of thinking that makes you beautiful. The change is Okiku’s personality is visible, becoming caring enough to become angry on behalf of others. It’s a cute story about finding a home and how people can blossom under the right circumstances. 


The second half focuses on a weaver, who’s too concentrated on her work because she feels inadequate compared to her sisters. While the attendees at Konohantei, especially Yuzu worry over her, I like that they all knew not to cross the boundary. That said, Yuzu managed to make the weaver understood her individuality and ebb her insecurities just by being herself. 



What was interesting was the sudden change of tone in the second half. They used a darker palette, which contrasted nicely with the brighter colors, and led a vibrant look. The reasons for the choice became clear when it turned out the weaver was weaving Rainbows and the show returned to it’s original state as the rain gave way to a beautiful sunny day. 

This was one of those shows I thought I would mildly enjoy, and yet, it’s slowly becoming something I look forward to every week. 



Inuyashiki Episode 4- Unnecessary

When I sat down to write this review, I really didn’t know if I liked the episode or not. I still don’t. I don’t want to. The events weren’t in anyway connected to the actual plot and were more of a side story. Except, it was a side story that was particularly hard to watch. The fact that it’s based too close to reality and heroes like Inuyashiki doesn’t appear every time doesn’t help.


As an individual episode, it’s pretty well done. There were moments which weren’t logical- pretty sure it’s not that easy to run away from a place swarmed with Yakuzas just because the boss got a little cut- and things that were dragged out for long. Inuyashiki, for some weird reason, loses consciousness every time he gets hit in the head, still hasn’t learned how to use his new body properly and flails around fruitlessly because he doesn’t have the slightest idea how actual combat work. I certainly don’t mind Inuyashiki acting out his vengeance on those guys. If he really crippled them all for a lifetime, I don’t mind. This might be me, and I’m pretty unforgiving, but if you even think it’s okay to force yourself on someone, and are in anyway accessory to the crime, you deserve it. 


Here’s the thing, if this episode isn’t connected to the overall plot, then it feels nothing more than a cheap way to glorify Inuyashiki as a hero. The girl and the couple in general had to go through that torture over and over again, just so we could see where Inuyashiki stands on the subject. In some way, I want to pretend this episode never existed. 


Kino’s Journey Episode 5- Two kinds of Hero Worship

This is the series I originally fell in love with. This episode is the closest it has ever come to capturing the beauty of Kino’s travel.  For an episode that focused on two separate countries, it never felt rushed or slow, just the right amount. 

Kino first comes across a museum of a man who saved a particular country and a curator who’s a bit too enthusiastic about the whole thing. His possessions, most of them are normal things, things a traveler collected over his journey is hailed as something great. While the hero worship might have gone too far, and when does it not, that wasn’t the matter of concern. The man had a motorrad who’s capable of speaking just like Hermes but chooses not to. What’s funny is both Kino and Hermes had no idea if other motorrads could speak. The motorrad asks Kino for help from this annoyingly happy countrymen who thought it was a good idea to lock up a sentient being but in true Kino fashion, she rejects him with cold logic. However, both Hermes and her clearly felt sympathy for him, and so, egged a little boy who’s interested in travel to maybe spend some time with the motorrad, who knows what will come of it.


On to the second half, where the previous revolutionary of a country has turned into a mad man waiting for his lover or so it seems. Kino and Hermes ask around and eventually learn the truth, as people here have no qualms about spilling truth to a stranger. They all carry a burden and confessing to someone they are least likely to meet again eases their pain. If the man’s bit about his own perception of things hadn’t been added, the story would have been unsatisfying, as it looked like his lover was punishing him without meaning to. In the end, it came of as a twisted happy ending of people who are willing to keep up a performance for the sake of love. 

This was the best episode yet for me, managing to touch upon themes without explicitly stating them. Add to that the perfect use of music, I’m in love all over again.