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Konohana Kitan Episode 2

This week we focus on Sakura and her budding relationship with Yuzu. Sakura, in search of a distraction from her worries, takes Yuzu out to show her the village. 

In between, we see Sakura’s true desires and for a workaholic, why she’s set on leaving Konohantei.

Sakura is the ideal kind of Tsundere for me.  She isn’t verbally or physically abusive. She has an hard time expressing her feelings and doesn’t like other people meddling in her business.

It’s not like there’s much of a storyline or it’s eventually going to develop one. It’s an extremely cute show that makes you feel giddy and relaxed. 

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Juuni Taisen Episode 2- Strategies And More Introduction

The game has begun, some are hiding, while others are on the prowl. The focus was on strategies and introductions, rather than action, though there were some bloody moment but they were mostly edited to make sure nothing was outright visible. You can sort of tell whose turn it is to go down depending on their level of arrogance.

The winner of last year’s  Battle royale was the Boar and this time, we started with the Boar, even though she’s one of the first character to reach an early grave. The Juuni Taisen organisation is pretty crafty, since they actually wiped out a city. I want to know why this battle is even held and what is the purpose of it, but I don’t see that question getting answered soon.


You can’t get attached to any character, since they’re all going to die anyway. I still like the sleepyhead, shifty eyes Rat a lot. The Monkey looks like a good person and apparently is a famous war diplomat. Enough for the Dog to have confidence she can stop a bloody battle between psychopaths if she put her mind to it.


There isn’t much to say, since practically nothing happened other than another character tasting defeat. I found the Dog’s commentary annoying, but mostly it was an okay episode. I’m still interested and I found it enjoyable enough, so I guess that’s what counts.


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Black Cover Episode 2- Flashback Flashback

Wohoo! Time for flashback.

I’m not certain what was the point of a long flashback, because I kind of got what happened from the bits and pieces they offered at first. Even the reason why Yuno was cold to Asta was clear from the first episode, though I guess absolute clarification and emphasis on their friendship were necessary.


Asta and his insistence on marrying the sister was supposed to be funny. Instead, it grated on my nerves. Being persistent is one thing, declaring you’re persistent is another.

Due to spending inordinate amount of time on the setup, the actual fight between Asta and that villain(can’t remember, did he have a name?) was overtly short. In the blink of an eye, one punch- well one sword strike short. Which was underwhelming after where they left off last week and the flashback.


The only saving grace was Yuno and his general demeanor as a kid-cute-  and his feelings towards Asta. I guess I’m still moved by hero saving a person, and that persons’ eventual resolve to better themselves stories. Yuno got more character development in a single episode than Asta would probably get by the end of the show. We end on a promise between Yuno and Asta, the only scene that was given appropriate time, so at least the ending wasn’t bad.


I really, really want to like this show. I’m going to hope now that all the initial stuff is out of the way, this show is going to show its true colours.


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Children Of The Whales Episode 1- First Impression

As a magic wielder, young archivist Chakuro knows his time is short, but everything changes when a girl from the outside appears on his island.

J.C. Staff really outdid themselves with the visuals this time. I don’t remember the last time they extended so much effort into character design. This show wasn’t even on my radar, I was pulled in by the cover art. When I was this was listed as both sci-fi and mystery, I knew I had to try this.

I already like the main character. I’m not sure if it was intentional- Chakuro has a voice that’s soothing and I perceived his aura as kind. He’s a bit emotional and kind, and mainly, instead of jumping the gun and shouting like a crazed person, he’s observant. When he overheard others talking about things he didn’t understand, he took notes instead of rushing in. Strictly speaking, he’s a writer who’s about to go on a journey and probably have his world shattered once he confronts the truth.


It’s pretty easy to tell Ouno, the strongest magic wielder with a desire to leave the island and Lykos, a lonely and cautious girl Chakuro found in something like a floating island are going to be his companion.


The first episode created enough questions to ensure interest. In particular, I want to know why thymia users have a short life span. Chakuro is a character with really low magical power, and he seems resigned to his fate. It would be interesting if he doesn’t suddenly power up and acts as a normal boy like he’s currently doing.

Final verdict, I’m almost on-board and need little convincing to make this a regular.


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Recovery of An MMO Junkie Episode 1- Could’be Been Better

Morioka Moriko (♀) is 30, single, and a NEET. She has dropped out of the real world. Searching for a safe place, the place she ended up… is the online world!! In this online game, Moriko starts a new life as a handsome young man with silky hair named Hayashi. However, she’s an obvious noob and ends up dying numerous times when a lovely girl named “Lily” lends her a helping hand. Meanwhile IRL, she ends up having a shocking encounter with a mysterious handsome salaryman named Sakurai Yuta. After meeting him, the real world starts to change and starts affecting her online world as well?! – Crunchyroll

I usually avoid shows with this premise with a passion that rivals my love for food. Something about people hiding their true selves online, creating misunderstanding and complicating things in real life doesn’t sit well with me. The sole reason I decided to give this a chance is the adult cast of characters this time.


It wasn’t particularly impressive but it wasn’t disappointing either. They do spend a tiring amount of time online, leveling up and discussing quest, while Moriko’s online character gets well acquainted with Yuta’s and appears to be infatuated, if not in love. A  closer look at their real life selves would’ve been nice.

Moriko is the only one in her little group of friends online, a team called guild because that’s orginal, who has quit her job and become a NEET. If the title is anything to go by, it will probably involve Moriko learning to balance real  life and her addiction.


This show has potential, so I’m going to stick with it for now and see where it goes.If the game world’s happening was the base to develop a strong bond between the characters, that’s okay, but if that is all this going to be about, I’m not going to continue.


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The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 1- Her Home

Well, well, I think this was one of the most anticipated shows this fall. I, myself, confess to be interested in this series ever since I read the first volume of the manga and the show didn’t disappoint, though I think I was hoping for something more breathtaking and heartwarming.  

Hatori Chise has lived a life full of neglect and abuse, devoid of anything resembling love. Far from the warmth of family, she has had her share of troubles and pitfalls. Just when all hope seems lost, a fateful encounter awaits her. When a man with the head of a beast, wielding strange powers, obtains her through a slave auction, Chise’s life will never be the same again.

  The man is a “magus,” a sorcerer of great power, who decides to free Chise from the bonds of captivity. The magus then makes a bold statement: Chise will become his apprentice–and his bride!

Chise auctions herself off her own accord. No one forces her, no one tricked her into it. She’s in a state of hopelessness where she just needs a place she can belong to, even if that means signing off her rights. 

Elias buys her for a huge amount, gives her a home, a meal, a bath and treats her like a child for the most part, despite proclaiming her as both his apprentice and future wife. 

I sort of expected Elias to be a little more sensitive and sympathetic, but it’s okay. He has time to learn, along with Chise, who would probably mould herself into a strong woman once she lets go of her past sufferings.

The visuals complimented the magical world this is set in. There was something out of the world and yet fairly ordinary about it. I liked the opening theme a lot. I can’t say the same for the ending, mainly because I think a little more soothing and heart thumping song would be better suited. For a first episode, I think it did pretty well, setting the scene and focusing on the emotional aspect of Chise’s mind. In the end, I’m still pretty excited and expect to fall in love with this series soon. 

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Just Because! Episode 1- Just Because

I’ve been waiting for this show ever since I came across the trailer, mainly because there is a lack of slow, lazy romance in anime series. When I say slow, I don’t mean Tsuki Ga Kirei, where while I enjoyed the show, the rate at which the time passed was taxing for me.


At the end of the second semester of third year of high school, four students are prepared for graduation and feel the ending to their high school life. But that changes a little with the arrival of a transfer student.

Just Because! avoided that trap. Nothing of significance happened for the first half. It was just a sequence of unrelated events, things happening just because,(I get the feeling this show wants to sty true to it’s name) some of which were tied together at the end. The main couple haven’t met yet, and they appear to share a past. Untitled2.png

What attracted me is the overall tone of the show. I don’t want to say realistic, but yes, it felt more realistic than a lot of high school series. Now, just because it feels realistic doesn’t mean it’s actually going to be, but I want to give it a chance.

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Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World Episode 1- I’m Watching This! Of Course!

A fan of the original series, I’m going to try my best separating the two. I can’t guarantee an objective review, though. My mind is bound to wander back to the original 2003 release.

Destination is a state of mind. A tale of one girl and her bike and the road ahead. Kino wanders around the world on the back of Hermes, her unusual, anthropomorphic motorcycle, only staying in each country for three days. During their adventures, they find happiness, sadness, pain, decadence, violence, beauty, and wisdom. But through it all, they never lose their sense of freedom. They discover that because of the world’s imperfections, it is actually a thing of beauty.

“The world is not beautiful, therefore it is.”

When I originally saw the artwork, I wasn’t sure if it suited the anime.  And yes, Kino has lost her androgynous appearance and looks more like a crossdresser, however, other than that, the visuals are beautiful in their own way this time. It’s lost the extremely bittersweet note to it, but the melancholy is still there. This is Kino’s Journey in a beautiful world after all. 

I loved the opening narration. I don’t recall Kino ever being that open about her feelings. It was also a moment where I could relate to Kino more than ever-if we ignore the killing part. I think it’s obvious at this point, but this is a show that is a must watch on my Fall list. 


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Juuni Taisen Episode 1 -First Impression 

The record of the bloody battle between the twelve proud warriors— The 12th Twelve Tournament that gets held every twelve years. Twelve brave warriors who bear the names of the signs of the zodiac fight each other for the lives and souls. The victor of this tournament gets to have one wish granted, whatever the wish may be. Who will be the final survivor? Whose tears will flow on the bloody battlefield filled with conspiracy and murder?

You know what’s the one thing that’s going to get an audience like me interested from the get go? Tastefully done violent scenes combined with pretty visuals. In the first few minutes, we have Boar assassinating people and succumbing to pressure from her father and I felt myself straighten up. 

Just when you’re starting to feel sympathetic for her predicament, it turns out she isn’t that helpless. I couldn’t like the Boar and yet I was fascinated by her. Here was a character that found herself becoming the shadow of the very father who abused and mistreated her. Boar meticulously and systematically  destroyed her sister out of jealousy, just like she promised she would.  

She introduced us to the rest of the character and the rules of the battle, it’s a shame she’s the first one to go down. 

I don’t know much about the Chinese Zodiac, their characteristics and stuff, and I can only assume from the animal they are named after, which isn’t much to base on because rabbits shouldn’t be that unhinged.

This is probably a series where everyone’s going to die save one or two people- I’m assuming the monkey will live- and there wouldn’t be much to take in except pain and suffering of the characters, but I’m curious how it will be done. 

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Konohana Kitan Episode 1- Fox Youkai and Inn

​In a village inhabited by youkai, the lives of several fox mononoke working in a hot spring inn. The stories revolve around a new employee, Yuzu. Yuzu had always been living in the mountains, but now has to adjust to a new life working in a high class inn. She is oblivious and clumsy at first, but with her simple cuteness, she is able to get along with all the other foxes.

A story about a cute female youkai learning to get along with other youkais and working in a store to get experience? There are certainly worse ways to spend autumn season.

In reality, I’ve never been much of a fan of cute girl doing cute things concept, but this show with its vibrant colour, characters with substance to them and the idea of exploring the inner working of inns and customer treatment has already got me hooked.

Also,  did I mention a story about Youkai? That’s click bait for me right there.

Yuzu is exactly as the synopsis states, clumsy but hardworking. However,  she weasels her way into other heart not because she is cute, but because she is accepting.  

Satsuki is a hot headed youkai who plans to leave the inn one day, determined to do her best until then. She is the exact opposite of Yuzu and for this reason, she can’t help get mad and look after Yuzu at the same time.

Sakura is calm, sleepy, and comforting girl who helps Yuzu take a deep breath and the second person Yuzu wins over. We don’t get to go deeper with the other girls, something I’m sure we eventually happen.

All in all, watching fox mononoke try to get along with each other, combined with the melancholic note and relaxed atmosphere could just be the right show to help us wind down this autumn season.